Our Christmas 2015

For last year's Christmas (kung maka-lastyr parang sobrang tagal hehe), we did what we usually do during Christmas, we celebrated it at my mother-in-law's side of the family at Palanan, Makati right after we heard mass here in Guadalupe.

We came there almost 11 in the evening already, and since there were a lot of children there, of course my little munchkin played along with them! Well, not literally along with them, but she played; like screamed here and there, ran here and there kind of play. She was excited! Hahaha!

We didn't notice the time until it was past 12 midnight already! It's Christmas time!! And also my brother-in-law's birthday! Woot!

We greeted each other, had Christmas dinner, exchanged gifts, and played games right after! Oh, and Maco? Well, she stayed up while the kids were playing games! But when it was the adults' turn na, she feel asleep! Too bad my little munchkin didn't see Mama and Papa danced it off during the newspaper dance game. Hahaha! It was fun! Too bad we lost though! Huhu! Bawi this year! Hahaha!

Already excited for this year's Christmas, as my little munchkin will be able to join the games as well! Woohoo! 

Sadly I don't have a photo of us, Joshua, Maco, and I as a family that time. :( Sayang talaga same dress pa naman kami ni Maco!! Huhuhu. Anyway, here are photos I have that I nicked from my cousin-in-law and sister-in-law's facebook! Heehee ;P

I was excited for last year's Christmas because at least my little munchkin was able to play and be awake even for quite some time! Unlike our 2014 Christmas wherein the three of us stayed inside the whole time! Hehehe

For this year's Christmas, I am excited already! Maco will be 2, meaning she'll be able to really play with her cousins and yes, she'll be more kulit, but it's fine! Also, hoping that we'll be complete this time! ;)


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