My First Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party and A Little Blogging Background

I've been blogging since I was a teenager, it was just like a journal at the time, telling how my day went and all. My blog posts were also mostly about me being emo and sh*t (Lol!), hey I also went through that emo phase as a teenager. I was full of angst and hate. Lol! Remembering it makes me laugh and embarrassed because why the hell was I full of hate! Hahaha! But I'm fine now. As what Kris Aquino says "love, love, love!".

I stopped blogging when I entered college. I got so busy with plates here and there. When I became irregular though, I think I started writing again. But that didn't last long.

Last year, I started blogging again when I became pregnant with my little munchkin, Maco. I had nothing to do at home and I've been itching to do something productive so I thought, "what the hell, im'ma blog!" Lol. So here I am now, a mother and still blogging! *wink

So how did I became a member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines?

I found out about Mommy Bloggers Philippines from the blogs I read from time-to-time when I search for something mommy/baby related here in the Philippines. At first I didn't care about the logo they had on their blogs and then I got curious as why they have such photo on their blogs. I'm talking about the MBP logo, btw. I clicked it, and from there I joined! Thankfully I was accepted! Yey!

There you go, my somehow blogging background. Lol!

The first event I attended with Mommy Bloggers Philippines was Vita Cubes Fun Day at Fun Ranch last August 2nd of last year. It was also the first time I met co-mommy blogger and co-member of MBP, Mommy Jen, who's now a friend of mine, not just online but also offline. Heehee! I was able to attend a couple of events here and there, won some raffles, and of course, I was able to meet other mommy bloggers like myself! Super fun!

Now, let's go to what this post is really about. Haha! Ang daming side kwentos! Hahaha

Last December 5th, Mommy Bloggers Philippines held their annual Christmas Party and I'm so happy to be a part of it! Yey!

I met up with Jen at SM Megamall, and there we bought our gifts for the exchange gift. It was held at the Linden Suites, and because of the traffic that day, we didn't want to get stuck in traffic if we ride a taxi so we went there by feet. It was pretty far from SM Megamall I must say, but I like walking so it was not much of a deal, just the heat that time though. Our Christmas Party was at 12nn if I might add. So imagine we were walking under the scorching heat at almost 12nn.


Whew! Good thing we were there at exactly 12nn. When we got there, we were welcomed by the buffet! Yup! Haha!

with Mommy Jen
We went to restroom first to freshen up because hagardo kami at pawisan sa pag-lakad sa ilalim ng araw. Lol! We then headed on to our seats, pictures here and there,and talk with fellow mommy

Nice set-up by Amari Events

Cute! Feels like Alice in Wonderland!

Woot! Melawares! I seriously thought these were for the raffle, but I was wrong! Nag-uwi kami ng hindi lang isa but 2 of Melawares products! Bongga!

Noche Buena Grocery from Robinsons Supermaket and Fluffy Mamons from Red Ribbon

Undies from Wacoal (I lost mine :( huhu) and Vita Cubes jelly candies!

Cutie head bows from Chelsy and Casey! Can't wait to use it on my munchkin Macoki!
We then had lunch, get-to-know-other-mommy bloggers, games, and raffle.

Yummy food! Gusto ko pa sana mag-round 2 kaya lang hiya ake ehhh haha ;P


Luckily, I won 500 GC from Vita Cubes and these Breastmilk containers from Philips Avent! Yey!

Coffee break care of Lotus Biscoff! 
We went home with these!!! Yasss

And we went home carrying big ass eco bags!! Our 'happy' problem was carrying all of the goodies we got at the MBP Christmas Party!!

Here are some of the photos from Casa Litrato - Photo and Video Services

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and to all our generous sponsors!

Can't wait for next year's MBP Christmas Party!! Hihi


  1. Naku pag naaalala ko that day, napaaga ang mens ko dahil sa stress kung paano ako uuwi hahaha! happy new year Coi. So glad we became offline friends na din. =) More events in the future. =)

    1. Natawa naman ako dun sa napaaga ang mens! Ha Ha Ha! Grabe din yung oras ng uwi mu ha? Buti pala kame ni Jen Bave kahit papano hindi masyadong nahirapan. Nahirapan lang talaga magbitbit.

    2. Hahahaha! Masaya naman tayo sa mga nakuha natin, di ba? Kaya okay na yun! Hahaha ;P Next time mas malaki na na eco bag mga dalhin natin, at alert ang mga hubbies if magpapasundo hahahahaha

  2. Nice to meet you too Coi. Sana meron rayo playtime nila Jen and Nheng. Chikahan tayo next event.😊


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