Maco's First Birthday Party (Part 2)

For this part, I'm going to share what happened on the birthday itself!

Photo from Joshua's cousin
December 13th, my little munchkin's actual date of birth was also the time we will be celebrating her first birthday! I thought of celebrating her birthday before or after her actual birthday but having it after her actual birthday would be too near for Christmas and I bet it would be crowded in malls already or it would be difficult to reserve a venue; and if before naman, we weren't ready pa because the husband always say 'malayo pa naman'. :-/

It's already done anyway, so it's fine na! Hahaha!

We left home around 11 in the morning to get the cake we reserved at Cupcakes by Sonja at their Serendra branch. We arrived at McDonald's SM Aura too early that there's still a party going on, so we left her birthday cake for the meantime at Mcdonald's to keep it refrigerated and decided to have our lunch somewhere else.

We didn't notice the time and our phones so when we checked it, there were a couple of missed calls already! Aaahhh!! I thought the party was starting already without us! Lol kidding! Here's a confession; I told the guests that the party will start at 1PM when in fact, it will start at 1:30PM. Heehee sorry guys! Ayaw ko lang naman na may ma-late at sayang yung oras, but still, may mga na-late parin! Hmp! Lol

Now here are the photos by Manila Eye Event Photography! I just put on some watermark for reasons. Heehee

"What's going on, Mama? HUHUHU"

"Mama, what's this for?!?!"

"Oh!! So it's my birthday?! And I'm Princess Bubblegum?!"

Giveaways!! Sad to say I wasn't able to take home one lunchbox for my munchkin :(

Kissy kissy from Don!! <3

Maco thinking... of something... Lol

Maco's rainbow cake!

The Awesome Three as Princess Bubblegum, Jake, Finn

"Okay Ma, baba na ko! I want to play!!!"

"Hmmm I really want that lunchbox!!! And I'm hungryyyyyy"

"Lola, I'm hungry already..."

Wacky with the family

Friends. Thank you very much for coming!! <3

Smiley with family

We had fun!!!

Maco, Joshua, and I would like to thank everyone who came to our little munchkin's first birthday party! We really, really appreciate it! And to those who said that they're coming but did not, HAY NAKO! *Rolls eyes* Lol but seriously, if you won't be able to come it's fine just say it a week before or at least 3 days before the event. Hassle kasi eh alam nyo yun!!! Lol HUGOT!!!

Enough with the drama...

Now here's my "verdict" with the photographer, cake, etc...

Husband and I like Manila Eye Event Photography, we just hoped that there would be an edited photo of us or Maco at least that we could frame or something, but what we got in the USB were just the shots he took on the event.

With my little munchkin's dress from Len's Crochet, I was kind of disappointed I would say because I was assuming that it was a made of 'tulle' like the malambot kind, but it was not. :( It was really hard almost like the netting they put under the dresses in the earlier times. Good thing though is that it was good in pictures!

Her Rainbow Cake from Cupcakes by Sonja was awesome!!! We really like it! It was too sweet for me though but it was fine! I just didn't eat much of it's icing! Lol kidding of course! I loved it!

Now let's go to her first birthday's venue; my husband and I were kind of disappointed. :( We thought we made the right decision of having her birthday at Mcdonald's because we like Adventure Time more than Hello Kitty, but I guess we were wrong. The host was fine but she was not lively enough, unlike the hosts in Jollibee BGC that we were able to attend to. The hosts in Jollibee BGC were really jolly and the guests were laughing all the time! But with the host at Mcdonald's, it was more kind of meh and it looks like as if she's shy or what. I don't even know if it was supposed to be her rest day and the host supposedly was absent and since she was the one near the place, she had to go to work and host a freakin' party. Lol ginawan ng kwento! Don't get me wrong though, she was mabait and really polite, but just not a good party host. Sorry teh!! And when they served the food, ang gulo! The person who served it was just one. Hay!! A friend actually told me that it was more fun to have a party at Jollibee than Mcdonald's, and I guess my friend was right! Eh pano sinabi nya yun, naka-reserve na kami sa Mcdo! Oh well.

We're thinking about her 2nd birthday already, and I guess we'll just celebrate it with the family. Heehee! But, I'm not totally sure, part of me wants a party again! Hahaha! Let's see, I still have a year to convince the husband! ;P


  1. Indeed a joyous birthday party! I am sure that all kids would have loved this party. My son definitely would had loved a party like this one. On his first birthday we hosted party at one of most popular venues in NYC. It was such a memorable evening for us,


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