Maco's First Birthday Party (Part 1)

Photo by the mother
I've been thinking of her first birthday party since I gave birth to my little munchkin; on where to celebrate it, what would the giveaways be, the theme, etc. Nope, totally not kidding! I'm that excited!

Months passed, and we're going near her birthday!

November came, and that's when I thought we should have the venue already. I know, I think it's kind of last minute, I should've had the venue two months earlier. It slipped my mind that since her birthday is in December, many people would be reserving for their Christmas parties! Yes, as early as December 13th!

Jollibee's Hello Kitty or McDo's Adventure Time?
We were choosing between Jollibee and McDonald's for her first birthday venue. We've been to Jollibee parties at BGC and we liked it! The hosts were funny and really lively! I've been to a McDonald's party before, but it's been years since, so I don't remember much about it already. You may be thinking why we were just choosing between the two, well because we thought these two were the most affordable and less hassle for us!

Our first choice actually was Jollibee, we chose  Hello Kitty for the theme. But then someone told us that mas makakatipid if McDonald's, and since that person has had a party at McDonald's before, we chose McDonald's. Also, we liked Adventure Time more than Hello Kitty! Heehee sorry kitty cat!

We were planning to have a photobooth like we did on her baptismal's reception several months ago, but luckily we attended a party prior to her birthday and we didn't like the idea of it. Maybe if we don't have a limited time for the venue, it would be great! One of the reasons is that, instead of the guests participating on the games or whatnot, of course they would be lining up for the photobooth! Ano ba naman laban ng games sa kodakan, diba?! Hahaha!

So instead of getting a photobooth, we searched for a photographer! It would be great if it's just among the family/friends, but we don't want to hassle the guest so we hired a photographer for her birthday. I found Manila Eye Event Photography through, and we booked them as soon as we were able to contact them!

Photo from Manila Eye Event Photography facebook page
I would like that as a family; me, Joshua, and Maco would be in Adventure Time characters, so I tried to find someone on the net that does tutu dresses and would do her tutu dress something like Princess Bubblegum's. I was able to talk to some but their rates were too high. :( Luckily I found Len's Crochet! I don't exactly remember how I was able to find them, but thankfully I did! They're not as expensive as the ones I found before them so I also ordered a tutu skirt for her photoshoot.

Tutu Dress and Skirt from Len's Crochet
I was planning on having a photo shoot for my little munchkin's coming birthday party, so I bought an extra tutu skirt for the shoot. We were supposed to shoot her in my sister-in-law's place since they have a 'garden' there, but that didn't happen because I attended MBP Christmas party a week before her birthday, and the day before her birthday was when we did last minute errands. :( Totally not what I planned! Weekdays naman is when everyone else is busy but me, so... Good thing though, I shot a couple of photos of her here at home, though it did not came out as how I wanted it to be, but at least meron. Heehee

We're only days away her birthday but we still don't have shoes and cake; so we bought the shoes I've been eye-ing at Market! Market! It's too pink but it goes well with her outfit so why not!

Cutie shoes, aren't they!?
For the shoes, we just got them from Metro Department Store at Market! Market!, I think they're cute and they go well with her Princess Bubblegum dress. :)

Photo from Manila Eye Event Photography

Rainbow Cake!!! YUUMMMM
We got her cake from Cupcakes by Sonja, we saw it by accident at there store in Glorietta, and from there we thought it was the one! It was not as fancy as the other cakes that we usually use in birthdays but Joshua and I thought it goes perfect with her birthday theme. Now here's a little story on how we got her cake... The day before her birthday, we went to Serendra to reserve the cake, unfortunately though, all were reserved so we went out the store sad. :( Because of the sadness it brought us, I wanted to have a piece of it at least. But then... the lady told us that the person who reserved the cake did not confirm regarding the reservation, so yes we got the cake! Woot! Good thing we went back! Yey!

We were all set. Yey! Will have another blog post about her birthday party!


  1. Belated Happy Bday to Baby Maco!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Maco baby. I hope to see you one of these days. Your Mom is excited to teach you things about everything in life. I wish you good health. Mwaah.


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