Quick Post Monday on a Tuesday: Mumnesia

I know it's already Tuesday but...

Forgetful Coi
Since I forgot about the topic I should be writing for my Quick Post Monday, let's talk about it!

It's pretty funny, yes, but not really.

I used to be good on memory games back then, it was a favorite of mine actually. But after I gave birth, I realized I tend to forget most of the things even where I put my wallet that I just placed in the drawer 30 minutes earlier. I thought it was just me, so I worried for a while. And then I searched about it on the internet...

As what I've read, what causes it are hormonal changes, tiredness, lack of sleep and stress; and it should only be lasting for a few months after giving birth. I don't know what happened to my brain because I'm still forgetful until this day! Lol! But I might say though, it's not as bad as before! I still forget things from time to time but I remember them after a few mins or so, I just don't know why I can't remember the topic that I was supposed to be writing for my Quick Post Monday, but I remembered thinking I should've written it on a piece of paper but I didn't because I thought I wouldn't forget about it but I did. Hahahaha! The joke's on me! There you go, brain! Other parts told you to write it down so you wouldn't forget about it but you didn't! HA-HA!

Anyway, I forgot to say... being forgetful or what they usually call "mumnesia" or "mommy brain" is totally normal for moms like us so no need to worry! Because hello, we think about our child, our self, our spouse, almost everything! I mean, we should have Super as titles on our names, right?

With that said, I think I should make a list on the things that I should be doing for the day, my topics here, grocery list, and all that jazz from now on. Ciao!


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