Our F1 Hotel Stay

My little awesome family tagged along with my sister-in-law's family's stay at F1 Hotel at BGC for her son's birthday staycation. They stayed there for two nights and they let us stay with them for the first night and with Joshua's other sister for the second night. :)

at the Hotel Lobby with Kuya Lucas
So how was F1 Hotel, physically? It was my first time at the said hotel and I might say it wasn't what I expected. I honestly thought it was bongga. Heehee. Or maybe there are just some construction going on by the area, hence the not-so-bongga vibes at the hotel. Hahaha if that makes sense ;P

It's so nice here, Mama!
(view from 5th floor Hotel Lobby)

When you enter F1 Hotel, it wasn't as grand as Shangri-La Hotel / Sofitel, it was plain actually. Or maybe because the Hotel's Lobby is at the 5th floor, that's why it's entrance hallway was meh. Well, I think their hotel lobby at the 5th floor was fine. Or maybe because it was also a residence at the upper floors so they didn't bother much with it not having a bongga lobby as the other hotels mentioned. I'm not saying it's bad, like horrible or something, it's good naman just not what I expected.

We waited for almost 30 minutes, I think, to have the room available for us. Surprisingly, the room was nice! My sister-in-law got the City Suite, and it was big! It has two TV sets! Wow! Unfortunately though, they didn't have a bath tub! I was excited for that one for my little Macoki but oh well. Heehee

Now let's talk about F1 Hotel's staff. They're very accommodating I must say! Two thumbs up for them! No reklamo about them :)

Here comes the photos!

When you enter the Suite

two queen-size beds!

with my Macoki

chillin with the father

some mango and watermelon shakes! Cetaphil massage oil before dipping into the pool!

Aahhh relaks muna! Hehe! Water's too cold though :(

Swimming with Mama!

They should've had some heater on the pool or something, because the water was too damn cold! It was so hard getting in the pool! Seriously! Tapos umulan pa! Huhu! But in spite of the cold water, we still swam. Hahaha! And oh another thing, the 4.5ft deep pool was dirty. :( You can feel sand on your feet, maybe because of the construction nearby, and there are cigarette buds, maybe from the construction men on the other bldg.  :(

Kids' pool

Macoki doesn't look too happy hahaha!
Maybe because of the cold water haha

"Don't know if I should sleep or eat first? Well I'll just do both!"
She did sleep while eating hahaha

3 ft - 4.5ft deep pool

4.5 feet deep pool

"I love swimming, Ma!"

Good morning! (our 2nd day)

Strolled by the pool first before heading back to our room!

Papa's going to office already! And it's our last day, too

We had buffet breakfast, and swam for some more before heading home! Thank you Ate Jac and Kuya Mike for letting us stay with your family for a night! It was awesome! And, belated happy birthday to our little boy, Lucas! :)

For more info about F1 Hotel, visit their website http://www.f1hotelmanila.com/


  1. Nice! Buti pa si Maco nakapag staycation na ha! Heheh.. Hoping by next year si jami naman.. =) i just realized na kamukang kamuka mo si Maco, Coi.. haha


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