Kidz City at SM Aura Experience

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Kidz City at SM Aura, BGC. It was like Active Fun but smaller.

Located at the Basement 1 of SM Aura, Taguig
From the outside, it looks like there's so much activities you can do inside! And yes, it is true! It has more 'play areas' (if that's what you call it), in Kidz City than in Active Fun. With 'play areas', I mean like they have a mock room of a classroom, a hospital/nursery/dentist, club? (not entirely sure about this but it has a DJ controller/mixer), etc. Unlike with Active Fun, it's just like a big playground. But hey, I have nothing against Active Fun, I like it as much!

The staff were okay, they were scattered within Kidz City, though most of them were just at ground level talking at each other and none were at the upper level to look after the kids. Lol! But for me it was still okay since you could see the kids from the lower level, unless they're in the rooms. Yes. The lady assisting/looking after the bags at the time we visited was Idk, I think she's tired already at around 2 in the afternoon (lol), or I think she's sleepy, because she doesn't seem to be liking her job or whatever because she leaves the bags by itself considering the area wherein the bags were left was near the entrance. She was also not there the whole time. There were some who were okay but most of them were meh. And if I were to choose between the staff of Kidz City and Active Fun, I'd choose Active Fun's staff! They're really accommodating!

What! They're more expensive than Active Fun!? 
But what the hell is wrong with their staff?! Lol
I don't want to make a big deal about it, so let's just continue with my pictures, shall we? *wink

"Maaaa I can't get in!"

"Is this a crystal ball?!"

"Welp! An alligator bit me!!!"

"I think this is the perfect place for some meditation"

"Seriously Ma, you're just going to stand there and take my photo?! Can you please guide me!!!"

"What! Selfie after selfie after selfie! I CANNOT!!!"

That's where they hold parties, I guess


"Do you wanna build a snowman?" Lol
Now let's take a peek at the upper level!

View from the upper level

"Sup, guise"

"Does this hurt?!"

Dentist Area

Some more babies. Lol creepy

That's where you can put the yellow soft balls and fire them at the people on the lower level. Lol
So that's that! It was a really awesome experience all in all, it's just that some of the staff were not so nice or were just in a bad mood or something that day! I wasn't able to take photos of the whole place because as I've said, they have different play areas, and it's pretty hard to take photos when there's a little playing baby on the other hand. Haha!

I just found out that it is former called Kidzville. So if you've been to Kidzville, I think it's still pretty much the same, they just changed the name. And I have no idea why they did. Heehee

For more info, kindly visit their Facebook page:

Disclaimer: This is in now way sponsored.


  1. ang cute! nagblend sya sa mga dolls!

  2. hahahaha! Natawa ako sa mga dolls akala ko pati si Maco doll din! hehehe. Nadaanan nga namin yan nung birthday ni Maco bago kami bumaba sa parking. Napansin kong mukang maganda pero ang mahal ha?!

  3. Mukha namang decent ang place for its price, but if the staff is like that, I don't think gaganahan kang bumisita.

    Maco looks like a doll too. Haha

  4. how would you compare it to dreamplay?

    where could i see what exactly are offered and how big is it?

    up to what age would enjoy this place?


    1. Hi Romina! I actually haven't been to Dreamplay, was it the one in City of Dreams you're talking about? :) Anyway, Kidz City is located at Basement 1 of SM Aura. It's not that big. I think up to 10years of age would enjoy this place ;)

  5. Hi! Nice blog you have here, and very good pictures! Is it OK if I grabbed some of your photos, so that I could post it on my own website? I am the designer of this playground. And Ironically, I never got to go inside it. I will put your name/ website so you could get credit for the photos. If you are up for it. :)

    Thank you so much!


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