TV4ME.PH Launch

At this age, most people spend most of their time on the internet. I am guilty of that as well. But can we really avoid it if most of the things now-a-days can be seen/reached with just one click? I think not.

We can listen to music, watch videos, talk to our loved ones, even order our meal for the day, almost everything we can do on the internet. I think we can even do it all at the same time! Crazy isn't it?!

A new addition to the sites we frequently visit... brought  to us by Brand New Media and Media5!

What is is an online lifestyle multi-channel network that houses 10 channels that feature videos about what Filipinos love. All of the video content available in the channels can be enjoyed for free anytime, anywhere, or any connected device.

Basically, it's a site that has all the videos we'd love to see! For crafty people, those who love to cook, health buff, fashionistas, and the list goes on! All of these you can watch with just one click, yes, you don't have to wait for it on when it's going to be aired. And, they upload new videos in all 10 channels every week! Say what! Another best thing about this is serves content via a best-in-class video technology that plays the videos seamlessly on a tablet, pc or mobile phone. I gotta agree with that, their video player on the site is really nice! Another best thing about their videos is that they're not too long, most of their videos are 2-3 minutes long only, which is just right for people like me who doesn't want to watch a 30 minute video on how to cook adobo for example. Though I think they carry 30-60 minutes videos as well.

Oh wait, I'm not done with the best things list about this site... well, no interruption with your videos! Who likes their videos being interrupted by an ad, anyway?! Wait, there's more... the videos can be shared! As Mike Constantino, Brand New Media's Managing Director said "our videos are shareable. You can pirate us", so yeah, we can put their videos on our blogs! Yey!

Local and international brands as well as content creators in the country can take advantage of and its channels as a medium of their own original video content to be distributed and amplified to their own target audiences. Yes, you can be a content creator. *wink

If you're still confused if this is an app or not, unfortunately it is not yet an app. But, Mike Constantino said that the app is in the works and we could expect new launches from them by the end of the year, or maybe early next year?

Now let me share with you the photos I took during the event! Woot!

Nice set-up!

Channels on

Channels on

Catered by none other than Chef Laudico himself! Super sarap esp malunggay pasta!!

Hosted by Boom Gonzales 

Mike Constantino, Managing Director, Brand New Media Philippines

Damien Brey, Global Director, Brand New Media

Chot Reyes, Head of Digital5

Add caption

Add caption

Bianca Grey and Mike Constantino explaining
After some introduction and explaining of how works, we then headed to the Battle of the Pans stage to experience it on hand! Cool!

Battle of the Pans stage

Celebrities vs. Media Peeps

Media Peeps won!

KC Montero for Man Hacks

with Maui Taylor on stage demonstrating how to escape from zip tie!

Alexis Ventura of Ink Scribbler

*ehem* Selfie with Maui Taylor (parang di naman nagkakalayo HAHAHA)

Funny story, while I was taking a photo with Maui Taylor, she was holding my phone also, it was fine with me of course, I just don't get why she was holding it also, and then I saw this photo above. Kung 'di pala nya hinawakan aba eh wala sya hahaha! Hindi ko kasi makita screen eh, liwanag kasi nung ilaw! Heehee


  1. hahahaha! ang cute ni maco natatawa ako sa pic nya! HIndi naman kayo talaga nagkakalayo ni maui. hihih!


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