Quick Post Monday: What's Wrong with the World, Mama?

Okay, so I am going to start this Quick Post Monday thingie that I thought just a few minutes ago. Yes, this isn't thought through and I'm sorry if I'm going to suck at this, but here we go.

Basically, I'm going to post anything and everything that I'm thinking at the moment, or I want to share my thoughts with. It may or may not be related to mom stuff. Okay, whatever. And it's just short. I'm not going to put this on draft and go back to it to check with grammar and everything. So maybe this is a Draft Post Monday, well whatever. So let's start!

I think we already know about what happened in Paris by now. It is so sad with what's happening around us, not just in Paris, but all over the world, especially in Syria. The innocent children and even babies who know nothing about this has lost their lives because of this inhumane activities. What's wrong with us, humans?

I'm afraid for my little girl and for every child of this generation in the coming years, what life would they have if this will continue? But how are we going to stop it? Can we? I guess so. We must.

Don't these killers have families or children? Is this the life they wanted their little children or siblings to live in the future?

I want my little girl and every child of this generation to have a happy and peaceful life that I believe we had during our early years. I, myself may not have the best childhood there was but I think during those days, people value life more. Now, it seems like life is nothing for some people. Heartbreaking but true.

Anyway, it's a Monday and I don't want to have a Sad Day Monday, but I'm going to share this...

Listen to every word they sang. Now, where is the love?


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