Quick Post Monday: "A Second Chance"

I just started this "quick post Monday" thing last week and I almost forgot about it! 

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So, I want to talk about movies, A Second Chance specifically, yes, the most awaited John Lloyd-Bea movie. It just popped in my head the same time I remembered Quick Post Monday so I guess it's just fair. Lol! 

As we all know, the first movie, One More Chance, was a big hit. I, myself loved that movie! It was so real, the lines were perfect, and hello, it was a John Lloyd-Bea movie. And I guess one of the reasons it became a hit was- most people can relate to the movie! Heehee

So let's now go back to A Second Chance, at first I thought it was a joke, because why the hell would you destroy and make a sequel to an already perfect movie?! But, it's going to happen! No, they're not going to destroy and make a bad movie, well I we hope not! But, the expectations about this second sequel is high. For me, at least. I expect more of this movie, or maybe at least as good! I hope it would be as good as One More Chance

One More Chance has left a mark in most of the Filipinos' hearts and I think we already memorized it's lines. In fact, I am excited to hear the lines of Popoy and Basha on A Second Chance, oh man I really do hope it's just as good! But based on the trailer I've watched, I think it is! Kahit ano naman ata bitawan na salita ni John Lloyd on this movie or in any movie ay tagos sa puso! Haha!

Oh and another thing, I think I can relate to the first trailer they showed wherein Popoy and Basha were arguing about the chore that Popoy should've done, but he forgot and Basha exploded like hell. It was so like me! HAHAHA

Anyway, I'm hoping that A Second Chance will be a really, really good movie! 

Here's the first trailer they showed! Btw, I seriously thought we're done with these crappy wigs since it's already 2015 but I guess we're not! Haha!

Here;s the second trailer!

Disclaimer: this is in not sponsored at all. I'm just a fan expecting for a good sequel!


  1. I haven't seen this movie yet but I''m really curious about the story. thanks for sharing this. =) hope you could check our blog too =) http://anotsosecretlife2011.blogspot.com/

    1. You're welcome! Checked your blog out, nice photos! Followed you! Hope you'd follow my blog, too :)


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