Maco's First Trick or Treat

Since we weren't able to attend the Halloween Spooktacular event at Active Fun BGC, I tried to find halloween parties for my little girl that's free or not that expensive but I didn't find any. Luckily though they have an annual Halloween Trick or Treat at my sister-in-law, Ate Jac's, place. So yey!!!

Side Story: The day before the Trick or Treat at my SIL's place we went to Active Fun and there I saw the High Street's Halloween Party poster which will happen the next day, it's free to go trick or treating but to get loot bags and be in the program, you have to have a minimum purchase worth Php 1,500. So what about no. Besides we'll be going to my SIL's the same day as High Street's Halloween Party! 

The 31st came and I thought I don't want to use the fairy costume she was supposed to use at Spooktacular so instead, I made her a 'ghost' costume! I searched for pegs online and it was pretty easy to do so why not! All I needed was an old white shirt, a needle and thread, a pair of scissors, and a marker. Good thing I have those with me and I didn't need to buy anymore! So here's what I did!!! I'm really proud with what I made, though the 'ghost face' was not on the center but kebs. My little munchkin's such a cutie ghost, don't you agree? Heehee

"I'm a ghost, duh!"

"Am I a cutie, Papa?"
We thought we won't catch the trick or treating because it was pretty late already but we did! Yey!! Right after we got off the car, we hurriedly went to the lady giving out candies! Ahhh!! Maco's mama and papa were really excited! Hahaha! I guess know it's one of the reasons that I wanted my little munchkin to join, it was also a first time for me! I haven't joined a halloween party when I was a kid even in my teen years, so you could just picture my excitement about this! Hahaha!

with Ate Dylan and Papa!

"Mama let's go faster! I want to get more candies for you and Papa!" HAHAHA

with Kuya Lucas and Papa! "Aahhh!! I see candies Mama!!"


"Thank you very much po!!!"

We roamed around for only a 15mins or so and it was so fun! Seeing other kids in costumes were sooo cute!! I think I'll add Halloween to one of my favorite holidays!! I love it! Especially putting my little one in costume!

Looking forward to next year's trick or treat! Already thinking what the 3 of us be for next year's Halloween! Hmmm ;)


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