Maco's Active Fun Adventure

Two weeks ago, my sister-in-law, her kids, Maco and myself went to Active Fun BGC to have some fun! *wink

I was too excited I bathe Maco and myself real early. Heehee.

But first, family picture!

"Hi! I'm ready for Active Fun!"

I've been to Active Fun BGC before and I liked it. Though I was not able to go inside the 'playground' but I find it quite big. Fast forward to the day I was able to get inside the 'playground', I must say it was pretty huge. We only got the 30-mins pass and I think only 10-15 mins passed and I was tired already. But it was really fun! My little munchkin, especially my niece and nephew enjoyed it!

"Mama was afraid of this"

"Okay Ma, let's slide!!!"

"My other sock is just somewhere here in the playground, Ma"

"I said it's just somewhere here, don't worry!"

"Ma, I want to take piano lessons"

"May I? Pweaasseee?"

Where's Macoki?

Shameless selfie of the Mothah
I forgot to include my thoughts of Active Fun BGC hehe! I like it but I think they need to upgrade their A/C units esp that they have glass walls, it's pretty warm while we were playing during the day around 1-2 in the afternoon. Also, please add more of those plastic balls. Hehehe!

Also, here are the Rates!
Half Hour - P 175.00
One Hour - P 225.00
Unli Play - P 395.00
30 mins. Extension - P115.00
Adult Pass - P 125.00


  1. how much po ung entrance > :) gusto ko yan itry for twinkle :)

    1. hi! oops sorry hindi ko nalagay yung rates.. 30 mins is 175, 1hr is 225, unli play 395 and the adult pass is 125 :)

  2. hahaha natatawa ako sa mga captions mo! Si maco ang cute nakapikit pa dun sa isang pic. Yun nga ang problema eh kapag mga ganyang playground, parang ang hina ng AC kaya yung mga kids laging grabe yung pawis din. Although ok lang kasi form of exercise na din. =)

    1. yup tapos glass wall pa, dumadagdag init kasi yung araw tirik talaga nung time na yun! kaya di na kami umalis dun sa pwesto namin na may piano eh, hindi natatamaan ng araw hehe


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