Maco's 10th Month

Okay I know how long it has been since the 13th, but... Okay, I'm sorry. Heehee

It's been too long I almost forgot what we did that day! Oops! I don't know why but since I gave birth to our little munchkin, I've  become forgetful of so many things it's annoying. I read somewhere though that it's just normal, so kebs.

Let's talk about how Maco is now that she's 10 months! Well she's getting more and more kulit and ingay, my patience is getting tested! I'm not really a patient person, but I'm trying to be one! She also wants to walk all the time, which is a good thing so she can practice! But she's a bit scaredy cat she can't walk without holding anyone or anything, even when she could stand on her own already. But as what I always say, it's okay, we're not in a hurry, she could walk on her own if she's ready. With food, she's not very picky, the other day I gave her ampalaya! Yey! Hopefully she would still like eating vegetables as she gets older!

Man how time flies! I didn't even notice she's turning 11 months in a week and few days! A month passed and I didn't even notice! Where did the days go!? And in a month or so she will turn one naman! Ohmy... naku I'm not yet ready for your 7th birthday and debut ha! Lol  kidding! Anyway, I love you anak, 'wag naman masyado makulit 'nak. Heehee

PS I took the photos while she was sleeping because I know for sure she'll be eating my props is she's awake! Hahaha


  1. happy birthday Maco! Ang sarap kagatin ng pata mo! Grrr...


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