Maco and some Dippin' Dots

I've known Dippin' Dots since I was a kid and I really liked it, though when I grew up and learn more about money, I thought it was kind of expensive for an ice cream. So I didn't bother to get one until I haven't seen them in most malls already or I just didn't care much about it that time. Heehee

After a few years of not caring about Dippin' Dots and craving for it, it's back! Or was it ever gone?! I'm not really sure! But it is good that they're back! Isn't it?! Ah childhood memories... :) I remember having my first Dippin' Dots in Sta. Lucia Grand Mall in Antipolo, tasting almost every flavor they have. They used to have it back then, you could taste their ice cream first to know which one to buy, not sure if they still do that now. And I remember that what I always get was the 'bubblegum' flavor. It was my favorite back then!

A week ago when my husband's niece and nephew came from the grocery and they showed us a packed Dippin' Dots and I was the one excited! I was also surprised that it was not in a cup, but in a sealed pack. And the kids loved it! They're excited as well when they were telling me about the ice cream and they were shocked when I told them that it was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. "Meron din nito nung bata ka pa?!" Yes. Hahaha! I was also like that when I was younger, I can't believe older people were my age once. Lol

A few days ago the kids craved for some Dippin' Dots so we went to the mall to get some. I chose 'bubble gum' because as what I've said, it was my favorite back then. But when I had it now, I don't like it as much as I did, though it did bring me some good old memories! I guess my taste buds weren't for a 7 or 8 year old already! Lol! My taste buds has matured that it wanted plain flavors more like vanilla or chocolate. Heehee

of course Maco had to have some

"What's this, Ma?"

"Ooohh sarap pala!!!"

"More mama, please"

 Anyway it's price? It's 100Php for a pack, they have pre-packed ice creams already though they still have the ones on the cup. The price isn't bad since most ice cream parlors now were priced in that range.

PS No, this is not a sponsored post. I just want to share it because I remember my childhood days with Dippin' Dots. :)


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