How I Put My Kulit Baby to Sleep

She's really makulit now-a-days it frustrates me sometimes. She wanted to touch everything, taste everything, reach for the hardest things to be able to reach, and so on. Well, she's a a curious baby, and I love it, but sometimes I just want to sit down and chill, you know. Haha!

At night, especially when she's about to go to bed, she's still very active, I don't know where she gets her energy. She crawls from the other end of the bed to the other, reach for the things on the top drawers, pull out her baby wipes and put it in her mouth. Just a typical growing baby.

So what do I do to put her to sleep?

First, I let her play.
And then I clean her using some warm water and towelette.
Change her clothes and nappies.
Turn off the lights and nurse her.
That's it.

No special anything. I let her play before bed to exhaust her. And then I give her warm sponge bath from head to toeand change her clothes to feel relaxed and presko. And when I turn off the lights to nurse her, bam! She's asleep. But, if she's still very active even after all the play she did and after her warm bath, I let her play in the bedroom again to exhaust her more. If it's really hot in the afternoon or if she gets malagkit at night, I bathe her with warm water so she'll be really presko before sleeping!


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