Children's Book Exchange: Real or Scam?

Calling all mommies, daddies, mommies to be, teachers, grandmas, grandpas, and all book lovers!!
I need some friends of any age to participate in a BOOK EXCHANGE!You only have to buy ONE book and send it to one child, then your child will receive 36 books or more in return!
Let me know if you are interested and I will send the information! It's really easy! You can buy a book and send it to your assigned recipient through Xend or Fastrack or LBC or the post office. Or you can order through Lazada, Fully booked, National Bookstore, or any online shopping sites for books and have it shipped directly to your assigned recipient. Yuna and your baby will be super excited to get mail and you literally just have to buy and send ONE book! smile emoticon

Okay. So I received this message and I was really excited when I read it! I was like "yes of course I want to do it" and then I felt uncomfortable giving out my little girl's name and some other details but then I thought, "what the hell she's my friend", and so I did.

I actually bought a book already but still, I have second thought if I should really do it or not. And so I searched for it on the internet, and there I read on forums and almost everywhere that it was a scam. I was embarrassed to the people I sent the message to and to myself. Why did I fall for that?! But who wouldn't want a lot of books for their child?! Ugh.

It really was too good to be true! And so I messaged my friend I received the message from and to the person I sent it to that it's a scam. Ohmy! How stupid could I be giving out my little girl's details to other people. Could I say shit? Well, shit. So far I have given the 2nd message to 2 friends pa lang naman and I already messaged them so I guess we're safe now. *exhales

And so my friends, do not fall for this shit. Like I did.

It would've been a good thing. But oh well. 


  1. I was really hesitant din to join kaya remember tinanong pa kita kung sasali ka jan? Hehe. Nheng sent me a message before you pero sabi ko kay nheng wala akong anda sa ngayon. Anyway, it was a good thing that you discovered it earlier. If not, we don't know what could happen.

    1. kaya nga eh, di ako mapakali kaya sinearch ko. mali ko lang is hindi ko sinearch agad agad. kainis lang gumagawa ng ganito

  2. I was about to join here too! Then I also read that it was a scam! Buti na lang ung mga pinagsendan ko ng info mga hindi naman umuoo so hindi na din sya magtutuloy tuloy.

    1. sakin nagbigay na ko details :( although sa isa lang naman. sinabihan ko na lang din. hay


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