Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick Post Monday: "A Second Chance"

I just started this "quick post Monday" thing last week and I almost forgot about it! 

Photo from

So, I want to talk about movies, A Second Chance specifically, yes, the most awaited John Lloyd-Bea movie. It just popped in my head the same time I remembered Quick Post Monday so I guess it's just fair. Lol! 

As we all know, the first movie, One More Chance, was a big hit. I, myself loved that movie! It was so real, the lines were perfect, and hello, it was a John Lloyd-Bea movie. And I guess one of the reasons it became a hit was- most people can relate to the movie! Heehee

So let's now go back to A Second Chance, at first I thought it was a joke, because why the hell would you destroy and make a sequel to an already perfect movie?! But, it's going to happen! No, they're not going to destroy and make a bad movie, well I we hope not! But, the expectations about this second sequel is high. For me, at least. I expect more of this movie, or maybe at least as good! I hope it would be as good as One More Chance

One More Chance has left a mark in most of the Filipinos' hearts and I think we already memorized it's lines. In fact, I am excited to hear the lines of Popoy and Basha on A Second Chance, oh man I really do hope it's just as good! But based on the trailer I've watched, I think it is! Kahit ano naman ata bitawan na salita ni John Lloyd on this movie or in any movie ay tagos sa puso! Haha!

Oh and another thing, I think I can relate to the first trailer they showed wherein Popoy and Basha were arguing about the chore that Popoy should've done, but he forgot and Basha exploded like hell. It was so like me! HAHAHA

Anyway, I'm hoping that A Second Chance will be a really, really good movie! 

Here's the first trailer they showed! Btw, I seriously thought we're done with these crappy wigs since it's already 2015 but I guess we're not! Haha!

Here;s the second trailer!

Disclaimer: this is in not sponsored at all. I'm just a fan expecting for a good sequel!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Celebrate with Songs of Hope: A Christmas Fund Raising Concert

Manila, Philippines - Lyric Opera of the Philippines and the Resorts World Manila to organize a special campaign for this year’s “Breast Cancer Awareness”.

“Celebrate with Songs of Hope: A Christmas Fundraising Concert” will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila on December 16, 2015. The event will start at 7:30pm as part of an ongoing campaign to fight Breast Cancer, a disease that has claimed thousands of lives over the years. The organizers aim to educate people about the symptoms of Breast Cancer, and what they can do to survive it. Each ticket you buy will send one Breast Cancer patient to much needed Chemotherapy Treatment.

You will be treated to a night of song and music courtesy of the conductor Chino Toledo and the Grupo 20/21 Orchestra. Artists who are expected to perform at the concert are Jose Mari Chan, Anna Feleo, Noel Azcona, Randy Gilongo, Sherwin Sozon, Franco and Ayen Laurel, John Glenn Gaerlan, Jane Wee, Andrea Melisa Camba, Stephanie Aguilar, Dave de Jesus, David Cicero Pado, Raymond Muyot, Nomher Nival, Mary Patrice Pacis, Naomi Sison and Marie Antonette Pascual.

Tickets for the event are available at the Ticketworld and

(Total Seats - Price)

SVIP 267 -PHP 3,000 
VIP 288- PHP 2,800 
GOLD 280 -PHP 2,500 
SILVER 439 -PHP 2,200 
BRONZE 126 -PHP 2,000

If asked for a code, kindly use CelebrateHope083

Resorts World Manila (RWM) is a leisure and entertainment destination in the Philippines that showcases thrilling lifestyle choices, unique events, first-rate performances and recreational thrills. Strategically located near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, it is a direct portal to the world-class hospitality of the Philippines. RWM is home to top-rate brands such as the Marriott Grand Ballroom, the Remington Hotel, the Marriott Hotel Manila, and Maxims Hotel. For more information, please visit

The goal of Lyric Opera of the Philippines is to offer opera productions of exceptional quality, and to develop an appreciation of the performing arts, music and opera through outreach and educational activities. The institution wants to emulate and recognize the efforts of legends such as Aurelio Estanislao, Manny Gregorio, Gamaliel Viray, Mamerto Villaba, Fides Cuyugan-Asencio, Sylia La Torre, Mercedes Matias Santiago, Salvacion Yniguez, Armida Siguon-Reyna, Gloria Coronel, Conching Rosal and Irma Potenciano. For more information, please visit

Monday, November 16, 2015

Quick Post Monday: What's Wrong with the World, Mama?

Okay, so I am going to start this Quick Post Monday thingie that I thought just a few minutes ago. Yes, this isn't thought through and I'm sorry if I'm going to suck at this, but here we go.

Basically, I'm going to post anything and everything that I'm thinking at the moment, or I want to share my thoughts with. It may or may not be related to mom stuff. Okay, whatever. And it's just short. I'm not going to put this on draft and go back to it to check with grammar and everything. So maybe this is a Draft Post Monday, well whatever. So let's start!

I think we already know about what happened in Paris by now. It is so sad with what's happening around us, not just in Paris, but all over the world, especially in Syria. The innocent children and even babies who know nothing about this has lost their lives because of this inhumane activities. What's wrong with us, humans?

I'm afraid for my little girl and for every child of this generation in the coming years, what life would they have if this will continue? But how are we going to stop it? Can we? I guess so. We must.

Don't these killers have families or children? Is this the life they wanted their little children or siblings to live in the future?

I want my little girl and every child of this generation to have a happy and peaceful life that I believe we had during our early years. I, myself may not have the best childhood there was but I think during those days, people value life more. Now, it seems like life is nothing for some people. Heartbreaking but true.

Anyway, it's a Monday and I don't want to have a Sad Day Monday, but I'm going to share this...

Listen to every word they sang. Now, where is the love?

TV4ME.PH Launch

At this age, most people spend most of their time on the internet. I am guilty of that as well. But can we really avoid it if most of the things now-a-days can be seen/reached with just one click? I think not.

We can listen to music, watch videos, talk to our loved ones, even order our meal for the day, almost everything we can do on the internet. I think we can even do it all at the same time! Crazy isn't it?!

A new addition to the sites we frequently visit... brought  to us by Brand New Media and Media5!

What is

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How I Put My Kulit Baby to Sleep

She's really makulit now-a-days it frustrates me sometimes. She wanted to touch everything, taste everything, reach for the hardest things to be able to reach, and so on. Well, she's a a curious baby, and I love it, but sometimes I just want to sit down and chill, you know. Haha!

At night, especially when she's about to go to bed, she's still very active, I don't know where she gets her energy. She crawls from the other end of the bed to the other, reach for the things on the top drawers, pull out her baby wipes and put it in her mouth. Just a typical growing baby.

So what do I do to put her to sleep?

First, I let her play.
And then I clean her using some warm water and towelette.
Change her clothes and nappies.
Turn off the lights and nurse her.
That's it.

No special anything. I let her play before bed to exhaust her. And then I give her warm sponge bath from head to toeand change her clothes to feel relaxed and presko. And when I turn off the lights to nurse her, bam! She's asleep. But, if she's still very active even after all the play she did and after her warm bath, I let her play in the bedroom again to exhaust her more. If it's really hot in the afternoon or if she gets malagkit at night, I bathe her with warm water so she'll be really presko before sleeping!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maco's Active Fun Adventure

Two weeks ago, my sister-in-law, her kids, Maco and myself went to Active Fun BGC to have some fun! *wink

I was too excited I bathe Maco and myself real early. Heehee.

But first, family picture!

"Hi! I'm ready for Active Fun!"

I've been to Active Fun BGC before and I liked it. Though I was not able to go inside the 'playground' but I find it quite big. Fast forward to the day I was able to get inside the 'playground', I must say it was pretty huge. We only got the 30-mins pass and I think only 10-15 mins passed and I was tired already. But it was really fun! My little munchkin, especially my niece and nephew enjoyed it!

"Mama was afraid of this"

"Okay Ma, let's slide!!!"

"My other sock is just somewhere here in the playground, Ma"

"I said it's just somewhere here, don't worry!"

"Ma, I want to take piano lessons"

"May I? Pweaasseee?"

Where's Macoki?

Shameless selfie of the Mothah
I forgot to include my thoughts of Active Fun BGC hehe! I like it but I think they need to upgrade their A/C units esp that they have glass walls, it's pretty warm while we were playing during the day around 1-2 in the afternoon. Also, please add more of those plastic balls. Hehehe!

Also, here are the Rates!
Half Hour - P 175.00
One Hour - P 225.00
Unli Play - P 395.00
30 mins. Extension - P115.00
Adult Pass - P 125.00

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maco's First Trick or Treat

Since we weren't able to attend the Halloween Spooktacular event at Active Fun BGC, I tried to find halloween parties for my little girl that's free or not that expensive but I didn't find any. Luckily though they have an annual Halloween Trick or Treat at my sister-in-law, Ate Jac's, place. So yey!!!

Side Story: The day before the Trick or Treat at my SIL's place we went to Active Fun and there I saw the High Street's Halloween Party poster which will happen the next day, it's free to go trick or treating but to get loot bags and be in the program, you have to have a minimum purchase worth Php 1,500. So what about no. Besides we'll be going to my SIL's the same day as High Street's Halloween Party! 

The 31st came and I thought I don't want to use the fairy costume she was supposed to use at Spooktacular so instead, I made her a 'ghost' costume! I searched for pegs online and it was pretty easy to do so why not! All I needed was an old white shirt, a needle and thread, a pair of scissors, and a marker. Good thing I have those with me and I didn't need to buy anymore! So here's what I did!!! I'm really proud with what I made, though the 'ghost face' was not on the center but kebs. My little munchkin's such a cutie ghost, don't you agree? Heehee

"I'm a ghost, duh!"

"Am I a cutie, Papa?"
We thought we won't catch the trick or treating because it was pretty late already but we did! Yey!! Right after we got off the car, we hurriedly went to the lady giving out candies! Ahhh!! Maco's mama and papa were really excited! Hahaha! I guess know it's one of the reasons that I wanted my little munchkin to join, it was also a first time for me! I haven't joined a halloween party when I was a kid even in my teen years, so you could just picture my excitement about this! Hahaha!

with Ate Dylan and Papa!

"Mama let's go faster! I want to get more candies for you and Papa!" HAHAHA

with Kuya Lucas and Papa! "Aahhh!! I see candies Mama!!"


"Thank you very much po!!!"

We roamed around for only a 15mins or so and it was so fun! Seeing other kids in costumes were sooo cute!! I think I'll add Halloween to one of my favorite holidays!! I love it! Especially putting my little one in costume!

Looking forward to next year's trick or treat! Already thinking what the 3 of us be for next year's Halloween! Hmmm ;)

Maco and some Dippin' Dots

I've known Dippin' Dots since I was a kid and I really liked it, though when I grew up and learn more about money, I thought it was kind of expensive for an ice cream. So I didn't bother to get one until I haven't seen them in most malls already or I just didn't care much about it that time. Heehee

After a few years of not caring about Dippin' Dots and craving for it, it's back! Or was it ever gone?! I'm not really sure! But it is good that they're back! Isn't it?! Ah childhood memories... :) I remember having my first Dippin' Dots in Sta. Lucia Grand Mall in Antipolo, tasting almost every flavor they have. They used to have it back then, you could taste their ice cream first to know which one to buy, not sure if they still do that now. And I remember that what I always get was the 'bubblegum' flavor. It was my favorite back then!

A week ago when my husband's niece and nephew came from the grocery and they showed us a packed Dippin' Dots and I was the one excited! I was also surprised that it was not in a cup, but in a sealed pack. And the kids loved it! They're excited as well when they were telling me about the ice cream and they were shocked when I told them that it was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. "Meron din nito nung bata ka pa?!" Yes. Hahaha! I was also like that when I was younger, I can't believe older people were my age once. Lol

A few days ago the kids craved for some Dippin' Dots so we went to the mall to get some. I chose 'bubble gum' because as what I've said, it was my favorite back then. But when I had it now, I don't like it as much as I did, though it did bring me some good old memories! I guess my taste buds weren't for a 7 or 8 year old already! Lol! My taste buds has matured that it wanted plain flavors more like vanilla or chocolate. Heehee

of course Maco had to have some

"What's this, Ma?"

"Ooohh sarap pala!!!"

"More mama, please"

 Anyway it's price? It's 100Php for a pack, they have pre-packed ice creams already though they still have the ones on the cup. The price isn't bad since most ice cream parlors now were priced in that range.

PS No, this is not a sponsored post. I just want to share it because I remember my childhood days with Dippin' Dots. :)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Children's Book Exchange: Real or Scam?

Calling all mommies, daddies, mommies to be, teachers, grandmas, grandpas, and all book lovers!!
I need some friends of any age to participate in a BOOK EXCHANGE!You only have to buy ONE book and send it to one child, then your child will receive 36 books or more in return!
Let me know if you are interested and I will send the information! It's really easy! You can buy a book and send it to your assigned recipient through Xend or Fastrack or LBC or the post office. Or you can order through Lazada, Fully booked, National Bookstore, or any online shopping sites for books and have it shipped directly to your assigned recipient. Yuna and your baby will be super excited to get mail and you literally just have to buy and send ONE book! smile emoticon

Okay. So I received this message and I was really excited when I read it! I was like "yes of course I want to do it" and then I felt uncomfortable giving out my little girl's name and some other details but then I thought, "what the hell she's my friend", and so I did.

I actually bought a book already but still, I have second thought if I should really do it or not. And so I searched for it on the internet, and there I read on forums and almost everywhere that it was a scam. I was embarrassed to the people I sent the message to and to myself. Why did I fall for that?! But who wouldn't want a lot of books for their child?! Ugh.

It really was too good to be true! And so I messaged my friend I received the message from and to the person I sent it to that it's a scam. Ohmy! How stupid could I be giving out my little girl's details to other people. Could I say shit? Well, shit. So far I have given the 2nd message to 2 friends pa lang naman and I already messaged them so I guess we're safe now. *exhales

And so my friends, do not fall for this shit. Like I did.

It would've been a good thing. But oh well. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Maco's 10th Month

Okay I know how long it has been since the 13th, but... Okay, I'm sorry. Heehee

It's been too long I almost forgot what we did that day! Oops! I don't know why but since I gave birth to our little munchkin, I've  become forgetful of so many things it's annoying. I read somewhere though that it's just normal, so kebs.

Let's talk about how Maco is now that she's 10 months! Well she's getting more and more kulit and ingay, my patience is getting tested! I'm not really a patient person, but I'm trying to be one! She also wants to walk all the time, which is a good thing so she can practice! But she's a bit scaredy cat she can't walk without holding anyone or anything, even when she could stand on her own already. But as what I always say, it's okay, we're not in a hurry, she could walk on her own if she's ready. With food, she's not very picky, the other day I gave her ampalaya! Yey! Hopefully she would still like eating vegetables as she gets older!

Man how time flies! I didn't even notice she's turning 11 months in a week and few days! A month passed and I didn't even notice! Where did the days go!? And in a month or so she will turn one naman! Ohmy... naku I'm not yet ready for your 7th birthday and debut ha! Lol  kidding! Anyway, I love you anak, 'wag naman masyado makulit 'nak. Heehee

PS I took the photos while she was sleeping because I know for sure she'll be eating my props is she's awake! Hahaha

Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease on Babies

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is an illness that causes sores in or on the mouth and on the hands, feet, and sometimes the buttocks and legs. The sores may be painful. The illness usually doesn't last more than a week or so.
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is common in children but can also occur in adults. It can occur at any time of year but is most common in the summer and fall. (Source:
Kindly click the link to know more about hand-foot-and-mouth disease. :)

My little munchkin didn't have fever nor lost her appetite days prior the rashes showed up so we were actually surprised when we found out that she has hand-foot-and-mouth disease. We're not 100% sure how she got it, but her cousin has it, so maybe that's where it came from. 

first day I noticed her rashes

I noticed that she has rashes on her butt area while I was changing her diapers and thought that it was just normal rashes babies usually get from diapers. So I thought that we should change her diaper since it's giving her rashes, but then I thought she's been using it since her first month, so why just now? And then I thought it was the baby wipes we were using on her, it has fragrance and we've only used it a couple of times so I thought I got the culprit. But no. Not when I saw the rashes on her hands and feet. Exactly how it looks like on her cousin's. And yes, I panicked.

I messaged my husband and my sister-in-law about it and sent them photos. Honestly, I was almost in tears because I read from somewhere that it may cause deathDeath is never the word I would like to see. Well I guess no one does. I can't think properly that time so I guess it may cause to death if the child got dehydrated due to blisters on the throat. So, even if my little munchkin's just sitting, doing nothing, I let her drink her water. And I was not entirely sure if it really was hand-foot-and-mouth disease or not yet. I was praying it was not hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

So we went to the clinic nearby the next day, and yes, she has it! Oh no! And again, I panicked. But of course I had to make sure of it with her pedia. So I called my little munchkin's doctor's clinic and asked regarding the matter, they told me that it will subside in a week or two so I need to chill and not put anything or give her any meds. And that's what I did. I tried my very best to be chill about it and I guess I didn't panic as much as I would've been if not told that it will subside soon enough. Thankfully, it's not as bad as what I saw on google when I searched for it. And the blisters didn't add more!

supposedly my little fairy at the Active Fun Spooktacular Halloween Party
Apparently, we were supposed to attend the Active Fun Spooktacular Halloween Party at BGC the next day, but  since she has HFMD, I messaged the other mommies telling them we won't be able to  attend. I have already prepared my little girl's costume pa naman. But it's fine, I don't want to risk of going there and infect the other kids, so we just stayed here at home and let my little girl wore her costume while she's playing. Heehee

And then we asked my husband's tita who's a pediatrician on what we could on the rashes, she told us we could put what her pedia told us to put on her insect bites which was hydrocortisone, and that's what we did.

Right now, the blisters dried up already and some were not even that much visible. Yey!