Maco's first Cinema experience

Okay, let me just start by explaining why I wasn't able to blog these past weeks. My laptop got busted because my little darling Maco kicked it from our bed to the floor, and now the cord or whatever that is that you insert to the laptop is broken, so it doesn't charge and I can't use it. I don't even know if it still works. Oh well. :(  Now I'm using my bro-in-law's gift to my husband, his old laptop, that is pretty much like new. So yey! Thank you! Just in time! Heehee

"I own this cinema. Hello!"

"So Maco, how's your first cinema experience?" 

"Well Ma, it was great! The TV was so huge! But it was too dark inside, I can't even see your face, but I like that it's cold there so I took a nap. Hihi"

Yup, that's basically what my little munchkin did inside the cinema, she slept. BUT she watched a few of the first part of the movie! So yey! She behaved well, too! She did not cry and poop while we were watching! Thank you my little munchkin! :)

"I like this movie. Yes"
"I like this movie. Yes"

Last thursday month, Sept. 24th, we went to Bonifacio High Street to watch Hotel Translyvania 2, we loved the first Hotel Transylvania so we were hoping this one would be great as well, well at least I do! And yes, it did not disappoint! It was so funny! Though I guess the jokes are for older kids.

Let's have a side story, shall we? When I was younger, like before I was even 8 or 9, you see we do not speak english in the household so I was not really good at it, I can spell english words or understand it when I read it but if I would listen to someone speaking especially if it's fast, pretty much I won't understand a thing. So with that said, when we watch an english movie or sitcom on TV and if there's something funny, there would be a background laugh, right? So whenever a punchline/joke was said and I would hear the background laugh, I would laugh too! Even though I don't understand what the joke was about! Haha!

"Okay whatever, Ma"

Okay, that was pretty embarrassing but it's okay, I think I can understand english movies now! Thank goodness! Hahaha!

So... let's go back to my little munchkin's first cinema experience. It was last Thursday month that we watched Hotel Transylvania 2. When we got in, it was already dark and I was the one scared for my little munchkin. I thought she would be afraid in the dark or with the loud noise, but she was not. Actually, when we got to our seats, I slowly turned her to face the large cinema screen and as what we all do in the cinemas, she watched. She silently watched the first part of the movie and then she slept. So that was basically Maco's first cinema experience. She slept until the end of the movie. Joshua and I were ready to go in and out of the movie house because we were expecting cries from her and even a poop but none of it happened! Thankfully! Hihi! Thank you Maco for behaving! :)

It was my first time to watch a movie at Bonifacio High Street and I would say I like the cinema there! There were  not much clutter outside, unlike some cinemas wherein there were a lot of kiosks of food at the outside hallways of the cinemas. There were just an area for food stalls. Also, my little munchkin was free of charge! Well, I think it's just fair because she wasn't able to watch, she just slept there and also, she won't be able to sit on her own there or she will go straight under the seat. Haha! But of course, I am thankful to that lady who let Maco in without payment, I wasn't able to get her name because I was busy taking photos and my husband and sister-in-law were the ones talking with them.

Also, I just want to add that this cinema is definitely in my Top 2 list of good movie houses I've gone so far! The other one would be the cinema in Shangri-La Mall. It's really nice there! :)

"Thank you very much. The movie was awesome!"

"Hello there! You look quite familiar... and you're cute!!"


  1. Aww! buti pa maco nakakapag sine na! Jami hindi pa eh. =) Cant find a nice movie na interested sya! Bumalik ka na ng blogger?


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