Baby Company Rockwell Re-Opening

Whenever we visit SM Aura, I would always tell Joshua to visit Baby Company even if I don't have to buy anything. I love looking around in that boutique! Heehee! Maybe some of the sales attendants know me already as "the woman who always go inside but doesn't buy anything". HAHAHA

Baby Company Rockwell. 3rd Floor near Toys R Us

Luckily, last friday, I was invited to the re-opening of their Rockwell branch! Yey!

Displayed strollers Displayed strollers

Food from Cibo Food from Cibo

Blessing of the store

Ribbon Cutting

It was only Maco and myself that time, good thing we were dropped off to the venue so it was not much of a hassle for me. Maco was sleeping when we arrived. I met some of the mommy bloggers, and just after a few minutes my little munchkin's awake already! Uh-oh... I was not prepared for this! Hahaha

I also like Bright Starts toys! They're not as expensive as other well known brands but they're as good!!

Ehem ninongs and ninangs ehem!!! Ehem ninongs and ninangs ehem!!!

Macoki loves them both!!! Macoki loves them both!!!

I was introduced to Jazz, and she was the one who told me about their toys! I love it actually! Especially the exclusive to the Baby Company ones! They're not as expensive as the known brands but they're as good. I told Jazz that my little munchkin loves toys that has sound or that produces sound, so we checked on the musical toys. I love it all! My little munchkin loves the xylophone from Little Tikes I believe. Oh man I forgot the brand! Heehee sorry!

Someone (I forgot to ask for her name), told us that if my little munchkin loves musical toys, Vtech is one of the bests sound-wise. She said that you could hear the song clearly which I totally agree. So hello there ninongs and ninangs of Maco! Hahaha

Macoki and Mama Macoki and Mama

Little munchkin playing!!! Little munchkin playing!!!

Baby Company exclusives. Little munchkin likes the blue one! Baby Company exclusives. Little munchkin likes the blue one!

Baby Company exclusives Baby Company exclusives

Andi Manzano-Reyes, Patty Laurel-Filart with her little boy Theo, and Kelly Misa-Fernandez

"Okay Ma, just take your time taking photos, I'll just play here"

I really like Baby Company because you could buy pretty much everything you need for your little one! Linens, diapers, feeding bottles, nursing covers, bath tubs, strollers, bikes, toys, clothes, and the list goes on! Though honestly, before I thought they only carry expensive brands, but they don't! You could buy inexpensive ones and they are exclusive to Baby Company! I like!

I wasn't able to stay longer as much as I wanted to though because the car's already waiting and my sister and mother-in-law were about to go home, and I can't commute on my own with my little munchkin so I had to bid goodbye to my fellow mommy bloggers. It was a really fun experience! Looking forward to more events with my fellow mommy bloggers soon!

Loot bag!! Loot bag!!

What's inside! Thank youuu What's inside! Thank youuu

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Baby Company!


  1. Hoping magkasama tayo ulit sa event coi and maco! miss ko na cheeks mo maco!! grrr..


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