Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taking Gifting to the Next Level

Can you believe it? We're only 56 days away 'til Christmas! I still can't! Seems like it was just New Year's yesterday! Exaggerating but that's how I truly feel!

But to us, this coming Christmas also means Maco will turn one yr old! No, her birthday is not on the 25th, but on the 13th of December! She will be one yr old before Christmas, and we could celebrate it all together! Not like we didn't celebrate it all together last year, but you know, I meant celebrate as "celebrate" wherein you take part to the party. Got it? No? Okay. Anyway, I can still clearly remember how little she was during Christmas of last yr! We weren't able to 'celebrate' it with the whole fam though, because my husband and I were inside the house all the time looking after our little sleeping munchkin while the family were celebrating outside. Heehee! It's not like we didn't enjoy it, we did! Because we received our blessing even before Christmas! :)

Macoki's very first Christmas with us! <3
Since I gave birth last year, husband and I weren't able to buy any new clothes or anything for ourselves or even gifts to our inaanaks and some family members, because I just gave birth that time, and giving birth is hella expensive. Haha! We're really thankful though that our godchildren were able to understand! :)

So if given a chance to have a budget for some shopping spree for this year's Christmas, here's my listsssss. Heehee

That's my list for myself! Heehee! I already lost a few pounds from breastfeeding (Thank God I'm still breastfeeding!), but I need to lose some more because some clothes of mine still doesn't fit, and I don't want saggy belly. So that's why I need some new running shoes, so I'll be able to jog after the holidays! Casual shoes, because I really need them. I only have less than 10 pairs and most of them I don't use anymore. Clothes, because I need wardrobe upgrade!!! Make Up, I want to splurge on make up sometimes but priorities. Heehee! Towels and bed sheet are for us, but it's on my list because I'm the one who changes them. Lol

This is for my husband, Joshua, obviously. He needs new shoes. Period. Rubber shoes and even casual shoes he can use for work. Rubber shoes because I wanted him to work out as well. Hehe! Clothes, he definitely needed some wardrobe upgrade as well! Bag, he's been using his bag for years already that it doesn't look good anymore so he needed a new one. Belt, because he doesn't have one. And I would love to give him a good one that would last for ages. Lol! Perfume, he loves Clinique's Happy for Men perfume, and we only buy the "inspiration" ones and I believe he deserve the real thing. *wink

My Macoki's list. She needed some new clothes and shoes as she's getting bigger already! Books, because I wanted her to become a reader like her Tita's. Haha! I'm not much of a reader myself but I still read some books/e-books from time to time. Toys, because she doesn't have much and she's a kid and kids love to play. Utensils, I'm excited for this because this means she can eat like us, and I wanted her to learn to eat on her own. Playpen, she's quite an explorer like any kids are, so if I am doing some chores, I wouldn't be scared if I leave her inside her playpen.
This is the kind of play pen I have in mind!

And for our family and godchildren?
I'm thinking of giving them clothes, like shirts, so they could really use it and not just store somewhere in their homes. And books for our godchildren to encourage them on reading! And I guess toys to some as well, because children love receiving toys on Christmas! Who doesn't, anyway?

As what they always say, Christmas is for kids, and thank goodness SM Supermalls has this campaign (SM Christmas Bears of Joy) wherein for just P200.00 you could get yourself a stuffed bear and donate the other one to the children from different orphanages in the country! How awesome is that! It would definitely put a smile on the kids this coming Christmas! And who doesn't like a teddy bear to cuddle?! Awww... I really like this one, good job SM! :)

Two years ago, I was not really smart when I shopped for Christmas gifts for my godchildren, I did my Christmas shopping I think two weeks or a week before Christmas! I know, right?! It wasn't the best idea. Ugh how I hated it. Too much people in the malls, tiangges, public transpos, everywhere I tell you! It stressed me out, adding that we were just 2 weeks away from Christmas! So I told myself to not do it ever again! I think we better start buying gifts as early as now to avoid people doing last minute Christmas shopping! Fortunately, SM has an on-going sale this October!!!

Oohh those Watsons Gift Sets! They're a perfect gift to moms like myself *ehem*, titas, and girl friends or girlfriends as well! Another idea came to mind! Heehee

For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite ( and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber ( Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Being a Mom

My love, remember mama's always here for you. I love you so much!

I actually didn't know how to start this one, I just wanted to share my thoughts on being a mom myself.

Well, I must say it's a bit of every feeling you could feel when I found out I was about to be a mom in just a couple of months! Honestly, I didn't know how to be one. But, don't think that I didn't want to be one. I do. I wanted to be a mother. Though when I was younger, friends would hear from me say that I didn't want to be one. I said that because I was afraid. I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough to be a mother for my child/ren.

You see I was a stupid youngster who goes out every weekend back then. Well not really every weekend, but you know what I mean. I drink, I smoke, just a typical teenager. I didn't think much about what I say. And maybe one of the reasons I said that was also because I didn't grow up with a mother. I was raised by my Papa. Papa isn't my biological father, he adopted me when I was still in my biological mother's womb. My biological father told me he can't take care of me that time that his only solution was to give me away. My biological mother-I don't know her. I don't know anything about her. Not even her name. My biological father, on the other hand, I know him. I have met him even before I found out that he was my biological father. Papa introduced him to me as my ninong in which my biological father didn't care much that time. Papa passed away from cancer 15 years ago, and when that happened, my biological father took me and supported me with my studies and all my financial needs. We didn't have a good father-daughter relationship, yes, but I am thankful that he was able to provide me with my needs when my Papa passed away. Well, hello, he was able to do that to my other 10 siblings, so I guess it's just fair. Hahaha

It was a pretty sad story, yes, but c'mon I'm done being emo about it! Haha! I like to look at life on a positive way as much as possible from now on. Being negative on things won't help me any better. Wish I had known that in my teen years! I look at life on a negative side that time. Oohh the life of a rebel teenager. Hahaha! Looking back about it makes me cringe and laugh and ask myself "WHYYYY?!". Lol

So, with that said, I'm pretty much far from knowing on how to become a mother. So when I found out I'm having a baby, I googled on how to be a mother. I kid you not. I googled things that I need to expect, I asked friends and relatives, I read some magazines and books. I was excited and afraid. I was excited to see my baby, but afraid to deliver her. Lol I know it's complicated but that is exactly how I feel! I was afraid of the pain it'll cause, all the injections, the pushing, and of course the baby coming out of your you-know-where!

I joined GirlTalk on Female Network (it's a forum), and I was able to get some ideas on delivering a baby and all. I didn't know much about facebook groups back then, so I was just able to join when I gave birth already. This one post I read on GirlTalk was this one mother; when she delivered a baby, she didn't feel a thing! As in nothing! She fell asleep and when she woke up, her baby's there already! That is what I hoped would happen to me. But that didn't happen, it was the complete opposite. :(

So, now that I have a baby. In all honesty, it is not what you see in the movies. Like everything is smooth, and you're always pretty and little ms. sunshine to everybody. No. I was pissed almost all the time about anything and everything. I get annoyed fast. Like when I saw something I didn't like, I was like 'WTF' already. And I would always, always get angry with my husband! Even if it was not his fault most of the time! Haha! I am thankful that he's able to understand my mood swings most of the time, though sometimes he gets pikon. Hahaha! We would often fight on the most little thing possible! I was stressed. I looked ugly. Lol. But you know, all of that goes away when you look at your little one. Yes, everything. Every bad temper you have, everything. Seeing your little one just peacefully sleeping, opening their little eyes when awake, opening their little mouths, giving you their little smiles, even the sound of their cry -all of your bad temper will banish. I don't how these little humans were able to do that, but they do it very very well.

One of the things I found out about myself when I became I mom? Is that I am capable of loving someone more than my life. I never thought I have that in me! Thank you my little one for showing Mama how it is to be truly in love with someone! I love you my darling!

Saying 'No' to our Children

I'm guilty with this. I say 'no' to Maco almost all the time as she's really makulit, she wanted to feel and taste almost everything, but of course, I can't really stop that because she's curious with her surroundings. But how do I let her stop doing something / tasting everything she lays her hands to even when I had already told her not to?

I have read here that saying 'no' to babies all the time aren't good. They need to explore in order to learn things. Which I totally agree. 'Learning is experience' as they say. So, for my little girl who is 10 months now, it is better to distract her instead of saying 'no'. And I'm a proud mother here because since yesterday morning, I have done that. Of course I still say 'no' here and there but it's lesser than usual. Hahaha! I must say, I say 'no' to my little munchkin a LOT. I guess saying 'no' is fine but not a lot as what I do. I think saying 'no' often would make my little girl or any child to stop from learning, or to stop themselves from being curious. We're blocking their learning experience. And I think being curious is a good thing. At least kids are aware of their surroundings and they want to learn more about it.

My husband's nephew likes to ask a lot. He really does ask a LOT. I am guilty that sometimes I get annoyed because it's a question after question after question, but after that when I think about it, I think it's pretty good and healthy. Because at least he's curious about things, many things really... why my little munchkin can't stand yet, have I been a baby as well, who's my teacher in high school, what is the tagalog word for brown, and so on... He's curious with his surroundings and he wanted to learn. Which is a really good thing for a growing child. It's not always about books (hey I'm not saying to not let your child read! READING IS GREAT!), but sometimes kids or even us, adults, need to experience something in order to learn something.

So, what I'm trying to say here is, we should lessen saying 'no' to our children. Let them experience life. Life is not always good. But it would always be good if we learn to appreciate what life has to offer.

I'm not saying don't say 'no', because sometimes, some things must be a 'no' for children. But I think we could lessen it, right? We could explain to them why they can't do it, explaining wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

For me though, I want my little girl to try things. To explore. To experience. And I will try my very best to lessen saying 'no' to my little one.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baby Company Rockwell Re-Opening

Whenever we visit SM Aura, I would always tell Joshua to visit Baby Company even if I don't have to buy anything. I love looking around in that boutique! Heehee! Maybe some of the sales attendants know me already as "the woman who always go inside but doesn't buy anything". HAHAHA

Baby Company Rockwell. 3rd Floor near Toys R Us

Luckily, last friday, I was invited to the re-opening of their Rockwell branch! Yey!

Displayed strollers Displayed strollers

Food from Cibo Food from Cibo

Blessing of the store

Ribbon Cutting

It was only Maco and myself that time, good thing we were dropped off to the venue so it was not much of a hassle for me. Maco was sleeping when we arrived. I met some of the mommy bloggers, and just after a few minutes my little munchkin's awake already! Uh-oh... I was not prepared for this! Hahaha

I also like Bright Starts toys! They're not as expensive as other well known brands but they're as good!!

Ehem ninongs and ninangs ehem!!! Ehem ninongs and ninangs ehem!!!

Macoki loves them both!!! Macoki loves them both!!!

I was introduced to Jazz, and she was the one who told me about their toys! I love it actually! Especially the exclusive to the Baby Company ones! They're not as expensive as the known brands but they're as good. I told Jazz that my little munchkin loves toys that has sound or that produces sound, so we checked on the musical toys. I love it all! My little munchkin loves the xylophone from Little Tikes I believe. Oh man I forgot the brand! Heehee sorry!

Someone (I forgot to ask for her name), told us that if my little munchkin loves musical toys, Vtech is one of the bests sound-wise. She said that you could hear the song clearly which I totally agree. So hello there ninongs and ninangs of Maco! Hahaha

Macoki and Mama Macoki and Mama

Little munchkin playing!!! Little munchkin playing!!!

Baby Company exclusives. Little munchkin likes the blue one! Baby Company exclusives. Little munchkin likes the blue one!

Baby Company exclusives Baby Company exclusives

Andi Manzano-Reyes, Patty Laurel-Filart with her little boy Theo, and Kelly Misa-Fernandez

"Okay Ma, just take your time taking photos, I'll just play here"

I really like Baby Company because you could buy pretty much everything you need for your little one! Linens, diapers, feeding bottles, nursing covers, bath tubs, strollers, bikes, toys, clothes, and the list goes on! Though honestly, before I thought they only carry expensive brands, but they don't! You could buy inexpensive ones and they are exclusive to Baby Company! I like!

I wasn't able to stay longer as much as I wanted to though because the car's already waiting and my sister and mother-in-law were about to go home, and I can't commute on my own with my little munchkin so I had to bid goodbye to my fellow mommy bloggers. It was a really fun experience! Looking forward to more events with my fellow mommy bloggers soon!

Loot bag!! Loot bag!!

What's inside! Thank youuu What's inside! Thank youuu

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Baby Company!

Maco's first Cinema experience

Okay, let me just start by explaining why I wasn't able to blog these past weeks. My laptop got busted because my little darling Maco kicked it from our bed to the floor, and now the cord or whatever that is that you insert to the laptop is broken, so it doesn't charge and I can't use it. I don't even know if it still works. Oh well. :(  Now I'm using my bro-in-law's gift to my husband, his old laptop, that is pretty much like new. So yey! Thank you! Just in time! Heehee

"I own this cinema. Hello!"

"So Maco, how's your first cinema experience?" 

"Well Ma, it was great! The TV was so huge! But it was too dark inside, I can't even see your face, but I like that it's cold there so I took a nap. Hihi"

Yup, that's basically what my little munchkin did inside the cinema, she slept. BUT she watched a few of the first part of the movie! So yey! She behaved well, too! She did not cry and poop while we were watching! Thank you my little munchkin! :)

"I like this movie. Yes"
"I like this movie. Yes"

Last thursday month, Sept. 24th, we went to Bonifacio High Street to watch Hotel Translyvania 2, we loved the first Hotel Transylvania so we were hoping this one would be great as well, well at least I do! And yes, it did not disappoint! It was so funny! Though I guess the jokes are for older kids.

Let's have a side story, shall we? When I was younger, like before I was even 8 or 9, you see we do not speak english in the household so I was not really good at it, I can spell english words or understand it when I read it but if I would listen to someone speaking especially if it's fast, pretty much I won't understand a thing. So with that said, when we watch an english movie or sitcom on TV and if there's something funny, there would be a background laugh, right? So whenever a punchline/joke was said and I would hear the background laugh, I would laugh too! Even though I don't understand what the joke was about! Haha!

"Okay whatever, Ma"

Okay, that was pretty embarrassing but it's okay, I think I can understand english movies now! Thank goodness! Hahaha!

So... let's go back to my little munchkin's first cinema experience. It was last Thursday month that we watched Hotel Transylvania 2. When we got in, it was already dark and I was the one scared for my little munchkin. I thought she would be afraid in the dark or with the loud noise, but she was not. Actually, when we got to our seats, I slowly turned her to face the large cinema screen and as what we all do in the cinemas, she watched. She silently watched the first part of the movie and then she slept. So that was basically Maco's first cinema experience. She slept until the end of the movie. Joshua and I were ready to go in and out of the movie house because we were expecting cries from her and even a poop but none of it happened! Thankfully! Hihi! Thank you Maco for behaving! :)

It was my first time to watch a movie at Bonifacio High Street and I would say I like the cinema there! There were  not much clutter outside, unlike some cinemas wherein there were a lot of kiosks of food at the outside hallways of the cinemas. There were just an area for food stalls. Also, my little munchkin was free of charge! Well, I think it's just fair because she wasn't able to watch, she just slept there and also, she won't be able to sit on her own there or she will go straight under the seat. Haha! But of course, I am thankful to that lady who let Maco in without payment, I wasn't able to get her name because I was busy taking photos and my husband and sister-in-law were the ones talking with them.

Also, I just want to add that this cinema is definitely in my Top 2 list of good movie houses I've gone so far! The other one would be the cinema in Shangri-La Mall. It's really nice there! :)

"Thank you very much. The movie was awesome!"

"Hello there! You look quite familiar... and you're cute!!"