Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

I was invited to taste some of Rosanjin's menu last Saturday at SM Megamall, I'm a fan of Japanese food so I have to go there and taste it myself! Even if unluckiness is with me that day! :-( Will talk about it on another post! Let's be positive on this post because we're talking about food, and it's Japanese food!

When I entered the restaurant, what caught my attention was there Japanese umbrellas which were hanged on the ceiling as a decor. It's nice on how they did it! It has some Sakura flowers on the left wall and just a plain wall on the other. I would suggest to have there utensils or where they put their utensils hidden though, because it's not nice to see the plastic drawers just on the hallway, seen by everyone who would pass by to go to the restroom. But, we're not going to talk about it's interiors here though, we're going to talk about their food, and that's what I love about this restaurant!

We were served with Tofu Salad and Kani Salad for appetizer. I love their tofu, it isn't like the ones we buy at wet markets, there's something different about it, and that is something to be liked about!

[caption id="attachment_636" align="aligncenter" width="640"] They're cooking in front of us! I'M SO SORRY THESE WERE THE ONLY PHOTOS I WAS ABLE TO SAVE HUHUHU :( BUT CAN YOU SEE THE SHRIMP'S TAIL OVER THERE? SHRIMP'S SAYING HI![/caption]

For our main course, we were served with Australian Rib Steak cooked Tobanyaki Style, Chicken Cheeseyaki, Salmon Butteryaki, Sukiyaki Kaminabe, Seafood Kaminabe, and Shrimp Kaminabe.

I tasted them all and I loved it! The first dish that I tasted among all is the Sukiyaki Kaminabe, and I must say, it's beef is so tender! And it's soup is really tasty! I think with this dish, you could say "sabaw pa lang, ulam na", I know most of you would think I'm exaggerating but I assure you, I am not! It really is that tasty! Ugh just thinking about it makes me want to have it right now. Honestly, I didn't bother much about the other dishes because this one is the bomb!

Australian Rib Steak is second for me, because of it's meat. It's so tender as well! I love their meat! It's worth it's price, I assure you. It was served with some dips/sauces on the side, but I think you wouldn't need those already because of it's tasty meat. It's cooked Tobanyaki Style, Tobanyaki, if you don't know the meaning like myself, is the art of cooking in Japan. It uses something like a sizzling plate (I'm sorry I'm not familiar with such) which is called "Toban". It was served raw and it was cooked in from of us! Most of the dishes were served raw actually.

I also like the Seafood Kaminabe because it's soup is tasty as well! It's a bit spicy though! And I like spicy food! This one's not that much spicy though, but you know it's there. Lol. If you don't like spicy food like I do, I think it wouldn't hurt trying this one! I didn't actually tasted it's spiciness until a couple of sip of it's soup.

Apparently though I don't have photos of the said dishes because I'm a bad blogger. Huhuhu. No seriously though, my phone acted up that time, I'm definitely sure I took photos of all the food but when I checked my phone at home, it was gone! My phone drained so I was not able to check it right away! Ugh. Thinking about it makes me cringe!!! :-( Hate it. Also, I even borrowed a good cam from my sister-in-law but to my dismay, when I tried it on the way there, it didn't work. WTF. I should've brought my oldie digicam with me! Ughhhhh. On the side note, I want to thank my fellow blogger who let me borrow her powerbank so I could call my husband! :)

I promise if I'll be able to get back there, I'll take decent photos! HUHUHU



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