Maco at 8 months

I just realized I haven't posted anything about my little munchkin's 8th month, so here it goes...

As you all know, we celebrate every month when our little Maco turns a month older. And this month, hasn't changed a lot, but with only a few family celebrating it with us. Ate Jac and her 2 kids hasn't celebrated with us for 2 months already since the 13th always fall on a weekday and Dylan and Lucas has school the following day so.

Let's talk on how is Maco on her 8th month...

Well, she's soooooooo makulit already! As in super! As in Super Saiyan na ang kakulitan nya! Hahaha! Kidding aside, she really is makulit and she can stand on her own when holding on her crib or anything that she can hold on to. She's also very madaldal now-a-days. She often say "Mama" but honestly, I'm not really sure if she meant me, that she wanted me. There's a different tone when she says "Mama" that meant she wanted me, it's more softer and she looks at me hehe. But when she say "Mamamama" and in a loud tone, she usually look at anyone and would raise her hand, like she wanted a carry. Maybe her "Mamamama" is that she wanted to be carried? But she also does that when I'm feeding her and I get sidetracked that I wasn't able to feed her right away. Lol. I don't really know, only Maco knows. Heehee

[caption id="attachment_621" align="aligncenter" width="660"]I don't usually let her thumb suck, I only let her this time to not wake her up :) I don't usually let her thumb suck, I only let her this time to not wake her up :)[/caption]

With her food, her pedia told us that she can eat everything already (he told us no food limitation) but since she only has two lower teeth that has popped out already but not completely, and another two upper front teeth popping out, we thought not to give her "everything" yet. But we give her lugaw and the like. Only soft food. Also, I guess we should not take literally what her pedia says. Lol! I think we took it too literal that in our minds we thought we could give her steak when her pedia told us no food limitation. Lol

So that's that with our little munchkin. :)

She's still sleeping at 9:54am hence I was to blog a bit long! Yey!

[caption id="attachment_620" align="aligncenter" width="617"]Yey! Yey![/caption]

PS Her photos is when she was sleeping because I can't capture her still if she's awake. She would be eating my "props" if she is. She's that kulit. Heehee


  1. Hi Maco!!! Sobrang cute talaga eh hehe! Nung 8 months si Jami d ko na maalala. Hayy buti na lang nag ba blog ako so pwede mag back read hehehe. =)


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