Teeth Popping out at 7 months

As we all know, my Little Munchkin just turned 7 months last July 13th and her tooth started to pop out already!

The first time I noticed it was when I was feeding her mashed potatoes. At first, I thought it was just potatoes but when I noticed that it was not since it wouldn't go away even after she slurped all of her food, I screamed. Again. Just like when I found out that she can reach her feet already! Hahaha! Read about it here. Everyone here at home got nervous because of my scream. Hahaha! Good thing Maco didn't get scared because of it.

Actually you wouldn't really see it that time since it was really small, it was like a white line on her gums. Like a gum stuck on her gums. Hey did you see what I did there? Haha! As much as I wanted to take a photo that time, I couldn't. Maco doesn't want to. :( But hey, I was able to take a photo a few days ago. Hihi

A few days ago, while I was busy preparing Maco and I's breakfast, my eldest sister-in-law, Ate Jac called me asking if I already saw her 2nd tooth popping out. I was in shock because is that suppose to really happen? While the other tooth is still in the process of popping out, another one is trying to pop out, too! WHAT. I honestly didn't know. I thought that the second tooth would pop out right after the first tooth is done. Oh my. Now I feel our babies' pain. :(

And I think that is why my little munchkin is not in the mood all the time these days. She would smile/laugh once in a while but she would always be sumpungin and would always want to be carried. Just this morning, she was crying all the time, even when I try to nurse her, she doesn't want to. Even with her food, she didn't eat much today. :( Oh how I wish this will end soon.

Btw, I read somewhere that to ease the pain, it's best to give our baby popsicles/frozen teether. Mommies reading this, is that okay? To give our babies popsicles? Does this mean those popsicle ice creams? Hmm. For now, I will put her teether in the freezer.


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