Sick Momma & Macoki

My throat has been aching since Thursday of last week until last Saturday morning and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get sipon (colds). And yes, last Saturday I had colds when I woke up. I thought it was just like that, plain and simple colds. So I did not worry that much. That same afternoon, while my little munchkin's sleeping, I asked our helper to look over so I could take a bath. Husband came back (husband and my sister-in-law went to the "mini mall" near MRT Guadalupe to get the Cabinet she bought) and I tried to help him assemble it pa. Hehehe!

Side note:
Ate Joanne bought our little munchkin her very first happy meal! 
Yey thank you Tita!

I love this box!
Uh-oh Maco must be thinking "so this is how they speak? easy!" 

Just how she plays with her toys. Eat 'em toys! Hahaha

After a couple of minutes of helping my husband I told him that I'll just go back to the room and lay in bed for a while since my head is really hurting already. While in the room, thank goodness Ate Joanne was with us so she was the one playing with Maco. My head hurts too much that time that I can't even speak. OA but true. I wanted to sleep but I'm worried about Maco. So I just lay in bed. After 30 minutes or so, I feel quite better again, though I still have colds but my head does not hurt that much anymore. I thought it was gone already so I went back to my husband and tried to help him again. My ulo is matigas like that yo! Hehehe!

Husband has been telling me to just lay in bed but I didn't because I thought it was just plain old simple sipon. And I don't get sick easily. Dinner time came, and since Maco's still sleeping, Ate Joanne told us that she'll look over Maco first so husband and I could eat together hehehe! Oohh we have tapa for dinner! I love tapa! But what a bummer, I cannot even taste it! So I didn't eat that much!  :( How could I enjoy eating if I cannot taste what I'm eating!!! ARGH! Hate it.

So then I prepared Maco's food. I was mashing the boiled carrot, and I feel so weak that time that I had to tell my husband to mash it for me. Never thought I'd feel that weak. WTF was happening! A few minutes later, mother-in-law and my other sister-in-law came back from grocery shopping, and Maco had pasalubong from her Tita Jac! It was the organic baby food that Macoki loves so much! Yey!

And this toy...

We were joking that Maco's being hypnotized by the nursery rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Haha

Wow! Luck you Maco, two toys in one day!

Anyway, back to me being a sick puppy... I never thought I'd be that sick because I can never be sick. Because of Maco. Maco doesn't have a Yaya except for myself. There is in no way I could be sick. A couple of people had colds here already and I didn't catch any of it, but this time, it got me bad. Thank God it was a weekend, family was at home so they were the ones who took care of our little munchkin. Yey! Thanks to them!

From now on, I should be much more cautious of my surroundings. If someone is sick (esp if it's viral) try to avoid too much contact with them, if not at all. Being a parent is being a superhero. You must be 101% healthy, strong, everything you need to be for your little one. 

Last Wednesday though, Maco got sick. She got colds from her momma. :( I am sorry my little one. Everyone was so worried here at home because her eyes were swollen from tearing up, they even wanted to give her meds and all that. But I didn't worry that much. Why? Because I know that she will be better soon enough since she's breastfed. A couple of months back when she got sick like this, the doctor who checked on her (Not her pedia, their family doctor) told us not to give her any meds (just what her pedia told us as well), and make her latch/give her breast milk because it has antibodies to fight the virus. That is why right now, our little Macoki doesn't have swollen eyes already and pretty much done with colds. That's how great breast milk is. Glad that my little one is breastfed. 


  1. Awww... Maco was so cute!!! hehehe. How I wish Jami would have the same cheeks pa din like her. Jami got cough and colds din from me. =( good thing he's fine na pero he got payat because of being sick.

    1. Hirap mahawaan ang mga bagets, nakakaawa magkasakit :(


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