Review: Tiny Buds Rice Powder

When my little munchkin's still at her 2nd month or 3nd month, she had rashes due to heat (it was in February or March). Her Lola bought her this Enfant powder but unfortunately it didn't work for us. At first I thought it was okay, that it was working, but as time passed, not much was happening. Her neck was still red, and still has small bumps.

Her monthly check up came and we asked her pedia what should we do and why does she have such. Her doctor told us that it was indeed because of the weather that time and because hindi nahahanginan ang leeg ni Macoki, but still powder is a no-no! Oh no (that's what we were doing. Lagot!). Especially if it has talc he said. And to make things worse, Enfant  powder has talc. :(  He recommended the Johnson & Johnson's Cornstarch Baby Powder but unfortunately, we couldn't find it anywhere that time! Seriously, even in supermarkets! He said that putting lotion would be fine as well. I'm kind of hesitant to use lotion on her though, because I thought it would worsen her rashes since lotions are a bit heavy or sticky when applied. Though her pedia suggested to put lotion on her. I was not really sure about baby lotion that time so I didn't bother to buy one.

One day, my sister-in-law came here with Tiny Buds Rice Powder, she told me about it but I  didn't really cared that much because I thought it has talc, I honestly thought all powders have talc (Well not those sugar powder kind, but you know what I mean). Heehee. Good thing, it does not have talc! And fortunately, after a couple of use to my little munchkin, the redness and tiny bumps on her neck were gone! Yey!

This is a bit pricier than other powder and it's in a small bottle. :( But nonetheless it's a really good product and it's talc-free which is also a really good thing! I say it's worth the money! It's only P 109.00 lang naman so it's fine. 

Here's a bullet form Review of Tiny Buds Rice Powder
What I like about it:

  • Sweat Control - it is indeed true. Macoki doesn't sweat on the areas I put this powder on her. Most especially on her neck which was the main problem! Hehe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% Talc-Free 
  • 100 % Real Rice Grain - if I'm just really that patient, I would be the one to mash rice grains for our Macoki since this is the only ingredient of this product hahaha! Oh and 'mild fragrance' pala! Hahaha! 
  • Maco doesn't get rashes when using this product :)
  • It's available at leading supermarkets and department stores
What I don't like about it:
  • I find it expensive since it's only a small bottle
  • Hopefully they'll have bigger bottles, so we would not buy every month haha
All in all, I love this product! It made my Maco's rashes disappear! :) Of course with the help of the baby wash I'm using also... Will review that next! :)

Please bear with my review. Hehehe :)


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