Thank You Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Melawares

Last Mother's Day month, Mommy Bloggers Philippines held a number of raffle contests for moms like myself. I'm not really sure if I saw it on facebook or on Mommy Bloggers Philippines site but boy am I glad that I saw it! Heehee

What really caught my attention was the Diva Channel giveaway. I'm not quite sure but I believe the giveaway was a makeup loot so I joined that one! Then I saw the Melawares one. At first I was not really sure if I should join in or not but I did. Thought to myself "why the hell not", all I got to do is share the image of the set of dining ware I like on facebook and instagram. I chose English Rose collection! It was that easy! I joined the Summit one, free magazines! I love magazines! Hehe

English Rose collection
A couple of weeks passed and I received an email asking for my address saying I won! I didn't believe at first because I do not usually win on contests! I am not really that lucky when it comes to contests like such. :( When I received the email though, I jumped and shouted! Literally! I was that excited!  Anyway, of course I checked it on their site immediately! And there I saw my name, first on the list for Melawares giveaway! 

I won!! Woohoo

Last Monday, I got 'em! Woohoo! I love eeettt!!

Another favorite! So girly! Heehee

My favorite among all! Perfect for nachos! 

YEEYYY!! Thank you very much Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Melawares! :) 


  1. Wow!!! Congrats sis!! ako sa bio oil naman ako nanalo hehe =)


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