Maco's 7th Month

[caption id="attachment_493" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Little Maco Happy 7th Month my little girl![/caption]

Last July 13th, another month has added to my little munchkin. It seems like she just turned one month and now she's 7 months already! Huhu! Time really flies as what they say.

So what's up with my little munchkin now that she's 7 months? She can sit still though she can do it already even when she was in her 6th month, she can stand too but of course with guidance, but she can't sit and stand on her own yet. :( But it's okay, I know she will be able to do it eventually. :) I am in no hurry as what I always say. Heehee! She was able to say 'Mama' :D she would call me Mama if she wanted to have milk already or if she wanted to be carried. And not just say Mama, I think she knows already that I'm her Mama because whenever she say it she would look at me and bend towards me. Whenever she does that, oh the feeling is overwhelming.

Oh and now I know what her favorite nursery rhyme is! It's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! How did I found out? One time when we were watching Showtime, Xia (the little girl in Showtime) sang it during their segment Xia and Kuys and Maco turned to watch the TV as soon as she heard it! It was really cute! I was shocked as she was able to know the song! Well, it was the song I always play to her since then so I guess that's why. Heehee

And another thing, last June 12th, before she turned 7 months, I noticed that one tooth has popped out already! Yey! And just a few days ago, another one is popping out! But I will talk more about it in another post. Hehe!

Of course, her momma's monthly kaartehan is still here. My blog has been moved, but this kaartehan will stay. Hahaha!

Here's her monthly pictorial with momma!

Little Maco



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