Little Maco

Here's a shameless plug post! Hahaha

So anyway, I've been busy these past few days because of something I really am excited for! I've been planning about this since forever and fortunately, we're gladly on it! YAASS!!!

We're selling Export Quality dresses and ternos for your little bears! :D Here are some of it!

Also, headbands made by yours truly with lots of love! <3

Just a sneak peek of it! Hehehe

Please like our facebook acct

And follow us on instagram at

We named it Little Maco because duhhh... Hahaha! 


I'm selling accessories I made myself with lots and lots of love too. :) I'm just consuming the materials I have here though. I don't have plans of restocking the materials yet. I said yet so I'm not really sure in the near future. But as of this moment, I think...No. :) But please if you have time you could also check out at  Follow us! Hihi <3

Btw, here are some of the accessories I made! 

That's it! Thank you <3


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