HeyMaaaaa now on Wordpress

Hello! I welcome myself to wordpress! Haha! Since I cannot retrieve my comment box on blogger, and I cannot live without it, I am now here. Honestly, I find wordpress a bit more complicated because it really is. Haha! But I think with this situation, I'll find blogging more serious than not. And I find it quite exciting actually.

Well, that's it for now~

[caption id="attachment_486" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Little Maco and Momma Coi Little Maco and Momma Coi[/caption]



  1. Glad your able to find an alternative. =) Welcome back to blogging Coi. I checked the last post you had with blogger and still the same. No comment box.

  2. Yup!Medyo ka-stress ang blogger at winala yung comment box ko hahaha! Thanks din sa help :)


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