Little Munchkin's High Chair and Push Cart Story

Last Saturday, July 4th, my little awesome (hehehe) family went grocery shopping. We were supposed to do our grocery shopping this coming Saturday pa but we already ran out of some necessities so we opted to do it then.

We did our grocery shopping at Market! Market! since it's cheaper there compared to SM Supermarket, waaaay cheaper I tell you! I don't know why  SM Aura's supermarket is too expensive compared to other SM Supermarkets. Hmmm. Because it's SM Aura? Because it's supposed to be sosyal? K.

Anyway, when we got to Market! Market! what we did first was to eat at the food court just by the supermarket. I thought I had heavy lunch but I'm dead hungry already when we got there. Haha! #BreastfeedingMomProblem Hehehe! (Sidenote: Regine Velasquez was having a mall show that time and we were surprised that not much were watching. Definitely not few but compared to other mall shows we've witnessed there, we were surprised that we could walk from the entrance of the mall to the department store's entrance side-by-side and not in a hurry.) 


"Uh what's supposed to happen now?"

"So are you pushing or what?"

"Is this right, Ma & Pa?"

That's her in a push cart! It was her first time to ride it and I'm the one who's excited! Hehehe! Too bad I wasn't able to record a video of her riding it! She was swaying her feet! And I'm so sorry for the photos, I was too excited I didn't capture her smiling! As in everytime I would tap to take the photo she's already poker face like that. Oh that red on her left cheek? She was sleeping on her Papa's shoulder that's why. :)

After we did our grocery shopping at Market! Market! we then went to SM Aura because I needed to buy something from there. We also wanted to eat at Mcdonald's because MINIONS. Haha! We wanted to order happy meal for our little munchkin. And since Mcdonald's at Market! Market! is too crowded, like it always is, we made the good choice of eating at SM Aura. 

"Is that food?"

"Oh it's a hat"

"But I want food, Ma!!!!"

Another first for our little munchkin! Now she could sit on a high chair! Little munchkin's growing up too fast! Oh no. Hehe! By the way, we ordered spaghetti for her! Haha joking! We bought her orgarnic baby food at the Healthy Options right across Mcdonald's. Hahaha isn't it ironic? Healthy Options is just right across Mcdonald's. Lels.

By the way, did you know that Joshua waited in line for almost 30 mins or so before he reached the counter!? Too many people at Mcdonald's!! Must be because of their Happy Meal! Too much for fast food. Get it? No? Okay. 


  1. Cutie pie!!! Kakainggit ang chubby cheeks talaga ni Munchkin mo! I hope to see this cutie patotie soon!!! =)

    1. Yes! Sana may meet up ang mga mom bloggers! Hihi :)


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