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Where to celebrate 1st Birthday?

Now that is the question I've been asking myself since we were done with my little girl's baptism last February. Or maybe even before her baptismal. Haha!

Yes, I am that excited! :)

I don't know why do I even bother to stress myself about this when I only have two choices, Jollibee or Mcdonald's. Haha! I guess I wanted to have a grand celebration without exceeding the budget. Who doesn't, anyway? I know there are other fast food chains out there that cater kids' party but these two are the friendliest to our budget. And I'm still trying to find which one is the friendliest-est among these two. Heehee #kuripotmomma

Maybe some moms out there would say, why not throw the party at home, it's cheaper that way. I don't want the hassle of thinking what to serve our guests, the preparation, we have to rent someone to host the event (I am not good at hosting/standing in front of a crowd with a mic.NO), etc. etc. Plus, right after the party, all you wanted to do…

Teeth Popping out at 7 months

As we all know, my Little Munchkin just turned 7 months last July 13th and her tooth started to pop out already!

The first time I noticed it was when I was feeding her mashed potatoes. At first, I thought it was just potatoes but when I noticed that it was not since it wouldn't go away even after she slurped all of her food, I screamed. Again. Just like when I found out that she can reach her feet already! Hahaha! Read about it here. Everyone here at home got nervous because of my scream. Hahaha! Good thing Maco didn't get scared because of it.

Actually you wouldn't really see it that time since it was really small, it was like a white line on her gums. Like a gum stuck on her gums. Hey did you see what I did there? Haha! As much as I wanted to take a photo that time, I couldn't. Maco doesn't want to. :( But hey, I was able to take a photo a few days ago. Hihi

A few days ago, while I was busy preparing Maco and I's breakfast, my eldest sister-in-law, Ate Jac calle…

Maco's 7th Month

[caption id="attachment_493" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Happy 7th Month my little girl![/caption]

Last July 13th, another month has added to my little munchkin. It seems like she just turned one month and now she's 7 months already! Huhu! Time really flies as what they say.

So what's up with my little munchkin now that she's 7 months? She can sit still though she can do it already even when she was in her 6th month, she can stand too but of course with guidance, but she can't sit and stand on her own yet. :( But it's okay, I know she will be able to do it eventually. :) I am in no hurry as what I always say. Heehee! She was able to say 'Mama' :D she would call me Mama if she wanted to have milk already or if she wanted to be carried. And not just say Mama, I think she knows already that I'm her Mama because whenever she say it she would look at me and bend towards me. Whenever she does that, oh the feeling is overwhelmi…

HeyMaaaaa now on Wordpress

Hello! I welcome myself to wordpress! Haha! Since I cannot retrieve my comment box on blogger, and I cannot live without it, I am now here. Honestly, I find wordpress a bit more complicated because it really is. Haha! But I think with this situation, I'll find blogging more serious than not. And I find it quite exciting actually.

Well, that's it for now~

[caption id="attachment_486" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Little Maco and Momma Coi[/caption]

I moved! Blogger to Wordpress

Since I cannot retrieve my comment box and I don't know why the hell it went away, I moved! For a couple of days I've been trying anything and everything I read on google/ watched on youtube just to bring my comment box back, but I was in no luck. :(
So, it goes to my last resort... to move to wordpress. At first I really didn't want to since I find wordpress a bit ore complicated than blogger and I'm not really a fan of complicated things haha! I'm always on the easy mode, even on games hahaha! But now, I think it's quite easy on wordpress. But I'm still getting the hang of it. Hehe!
You could check me out at

See yah there!

Review: Tiny Buds Rice Powder

When my little munchkin's still at her 2nd month or 3nd month, she had rashes due to heat (it was in February or March). Her Lola bought her this Enfant powder but unfortunately it didn't work for us. At first I thought it was okay, that it was working, but as time passed, not much was happening. Her neck was still red, and still has small bumps.
Her monthly check up came and we asked her pedia what should we do and why does she have such. Her doctor told us that it was indeed because of the weather that time and because hindi nahahanginan ang leeg ni Macoki, but still powder is a no-no! Oh no (that's what we were doing. Lagot!). Especially if it has talc he said. And to make things worse, Enfant  powder has talc. :(  He recommended the Johnson & Johnson's Cornstarch Baby Powder but unfortunately, we couldn't find it anywhere that time! Seriously, even in supermarkets! He said that putting lotion would be fine as well. I'm kind of hesitant to use lotion on h…

Little Maco

Here's a shameless plug post! Hahaha

So anyway, I've been busy these past few days because of something I really am excited for! I've been planning about this since forever and fortunately, we're gladly on it! YAASS!!!

We're selling Export Quality dresses and ternos for your little bears! :D Here are some of it!

Also, headbands made by yours truly with lots of love! <3

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We named it Little Maco because duhhh... Hahaha! 
I'm selling accessories I made myself with lots and lots of love too. :) I'm just consuming the materials I have here though. I don't have plans of restocking the materials yet. I said yet so I'm not really sure in the near future. But as of this moment, I think...No. :) But please if you have time you could also check out at  Follow us! Hihi <3
Btw, here are some of th…

Little Munchkin's High Chair and Push Cart Story

Last Saturday, July 4th, my little awesome (hehehe) family went grocery shopping. We were supposed to do our grocery shopping this coming Saturday pa but we already ran out of some necessities so we opted to do it then.
We did our grocery shopping at Market! Market! since it's cheaper there compared to SM Supermarket, waaaay cheaper I tell you! I don't know why  SM Aura's supermarket is too expensive compared to other SM Supermarkets. Hmmm. Because it's SM Aura? Because it's supposed to be sosyal? K.
Anyway, when we got to Market! Market! what we did first was to eat at the food court just by the supermarket. I thought I had heavy lunch but I'm dead hungry already when we got there. Haha! #BreastfeedingMomProblem Hehehe! (Sidenote: Regine Velasquez was having a mall show that time and we were surprised that not much were watching. Definitely not few but compared to other mall shows we've witnessed there, we were surprised that we could walk from the entrance …

Is there a Nursing Station at NAIA?

Maco and I tagged along with my mother-in-law when she fetched my sister-in-law at NAIA Terminal 3 last June. Ate Joanne was in Singapore for a few weeks for work. We got there a little early than we were supposed to be because there's no traffic. Which was a good thing.
But when we got there, there were no available seat. And most of the people waiting there were sitting on the floor! It's good that we could wait inside with A/C but could they put more seats? Haha! Ang daming gusto! That didn't bother me much though because I thought hey I could just breastfeed my little one and we would be able to sit! And I'm kind of worried that if we wait too long, my little munchkin might be hungry already!
So I asked the guard where the nursing station was. And she said, there's NONE. Yes, there's NONE. WTF. Seriously, even malls have such! I asked her again to clarify I said "Meron ba kayo na pwede mag-breastfeed? Kahit ano'ng room?" (Do you have a nursing s…

Thank You Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Melawares

Last Mother's Day month, Mommy Bloggers Philippines held a number of raffle contests for moms like myself. I'm not really sure if I saw it on facebook or on Mommy Bloggers Philippines site but boy am I glad that I saw it! Heehee
What really caught my attention was the Diva Channel giveaway. I'm not quite sure but I believe the giveaway was a makeup loot so I joined that one! Then I saw the Melawares one. At first I was not really sure if I should join in or not but I did. Thought to myself "why the hell not", all I got to do is share the image of the set of dining ware I like on facebook and instagram. I chose English Rose collection! It was that easy! I joined the Summit one, free magazines! I love magazines! Hehe
A couple of weeks passed and I received an email asking for my address saying I won! I didn't believe at first because I do not usually win on contests! I am not really that lucky when it comes to contests like such. :( When I received the email thou…

Sick Momma & Macoki

My throat has been aching since Thursday of last week until last Saturday morning and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get sipon (colds). And yes, last Saturday I had colds when I woke up. I thought it was just like that, plain and simple colds. So I did not worry that much. That same afternoon, while my little munchkin's sleeping, I asked our helper to look over so I could take a bath. Husband came back (husband and my sister-in-law went to the "mini mall" near MRT Guadalupe to get the Cabinet she bought) and I tried to help him assemble it pa. Hehehe!
Side note: Ate Joanne bought our little munchkin her very first happy meal! 

Uh-oh Maco must be thinking "so this is how they speak? easy!" 
Just how she plays with her toys. Eat 'em toys! Hahaha

After a couple of minutes of helping my husband I told him that I'll just go back to the room and lay in bed for a while since my head is really hurting already. While in the room, thank goodness Ate Joanne was w…