"Yay Food!" -Maco

"I want food already. Give me some real food, Ma" -Maco

Last June 13th we celebrated her 6th month and it was also her monthly check-up. So, of course, during her check-up we asked her pedia if she can eat already, and yup-YES! If Maco could understand what the doctor just said, she might have yelled "YAAASSS!!". Hahaha!

Even before her check-up, husband and I has been talking on what food to give our little munchkin, and we both agreed to give her nothing but pure veggies and fruits. :) Well, at least for the both of us, that's what we wanted to give our little one. We don't want to give her processed baby food! No, no, no. Although, some people surrounding us have been bugging us to give her this and that and would even say "nung panahon namin hindi naman ganyan...". Oh well. We just smile. :) My sister-in-law bought her organic baby food from Healthy Options though, so I guess that's fine! Maco loved the peas one! But she doesn't like the fruits because they're kind of sour. 

There are times though, just to keep them shut, we let them give her food that we don't really want to give our own baby. :( What can we do? Gotta respect the old people. Also, it's just a tiny bit of some sort of processed/salty/sweet/unhealthy food so yeah. 

Right after the check-up, we went home immediately for her first solid and her 6th month celebration. Joshua and I went to the "mini mall" near Guadalupe MRT Station to buy cake and baked mac from Greenwich, too bad Greenwich closed there already though so we ended up buying  at Goldilocks. We bought palabok from Goldilocks and cake from Red Ribbon. Haha! I know! Ewan ko rin ba sa asawa ko bakit hindi na lang din kami sa Goldilocks bumili ng cake! Choosy! Hahaha! Kaya siguro ang konti ng palabok ng Goldilocks kasi nakita na sa Red Ribbon kami bumili ng cake! HAHA! Issue! :P

When we got home, our little munchkin was making sumpong already! And yes, a few minutes later, she's down. So we decided to give her solid the next day already! Which was my birthday btw! :D So I thought it was more special! Heehee

For her first food, we gave her... KALABASA!!! :D

wasn't able to take a photo preparing her food. put too much water on her kalabasa though :(

how was it my little munckin?


got kalabasa?

yum yum kalabasa!

kalabasa is so good~

Kalabasa is squash btw! :)

I was planning to blog on how I prepare her first solid and all but, husband was doing the laundry that time and I was busy preparing her food I even forgot to take photos! It was my first time to prepare baby food so I've got no idea and I panicked a little. I.do.not.even.know.why.I.panicked. Meh :(

Earlier tonight for dinner, we gave her kamote (sweet potato), and she loved it! We already gave her potatoes but she didn't like it since it was too bland. Even I didn't like the mashed potato! But I surely love it with some butter and gravy! Haha


  1. Yey! New milestone for Maco!! Hehe.. I love kalabasa too specially yung ginataang kalabasa.. Yum!! Pangpalinaw ng eyes. I remember when Jami was the same age of Maco, he doesn't like potato too. =) belated happy birthday =)

    1. Me too!!! Gusto ko rin ginataang kalabasa!!! :) we gave her kalabasa for 2 consecutive days and sinabi nila na sobra na daw linaw ng mata hahaha! Hindi talaga masarap yung patatas, nakakalungkot kainin haha.
      Thanks for the greeting! :)


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