Maco's 6th Month

Happy 1/2 Birthday Maco!!! We Love You!!!

As I've said on my previous post (, Maco's 6th month was also her monthly check-up, and we were given a go signal to give her solids already! :D :D :D We were all excited because at long last, she'll be able to eat with us! Yey! But at her 6th month celebration, she was not able to eat with us because she slept while I was preparing her food. :(

Going back to her check-up...

our little Macoki was sleeping when we got to the hospital

those cheeksssssss

and then her father joined in

now with Mama when she woke up

<3 <3 <3

nope, that's not her doctor, since madami tao sa may clinic ng doctor nya, sa medyo malayo na kami nakaupo

yup, we take or rather, I take a lot of photos while waiting for our turn hehehe
When it was our turn already, and we got inside her pedia's clinic, I noticed Maco was tearing up. Her eyes and nose were turning red,and her mouth (like this :( already) was just waiting for the doctor to speak she's so ready to cry, so I held her hand and said "Maco no, it's okay" with a smiley face. I guessed that worked because she held her cry and just stared at the doctor, until her pedia picked her up and lay her on the clinic bed, and there she cried.

So I asked the doctor if she could eat already, and we all know the answer, he said YAASSSS. Heehee! And I asked him if something was wrong because her poop was watery and sometimes she poops twice a day, though she doesn't poop everyday, but she's still active, smiles and laughs a lot, so her doctor said that we cannot consider that she's having diarrhea because she should be pooping thrice. I also read somewhere that if a baby is purely breastfed, her poop is more watery than formula fed babies, so I guess I just need to hear it from the doctor and I am not at ease. :)

Maco loves to sit now, but she can't sit on her own yet, so whenever we're downstairs, she's always carried because she doesn't want to just lay on the crib all day, and that is why her Lolo bought her a walker, kasi mainit daw ang katawan namin at naiinitan ang kanyang prinsesita kapag laging karga. Hahaha! Thanks Lolo Boy!

our very happy little munchkin!!! <3

wait, how do you use this thing?!


If Maco can talk already, man I know she would love to tell stories after stories after stories, just like her cousin, Ate Dylan. Which btw I think is a good thing, because I was not that social when I was a kid and how I wish I was. :( And I think it would practice their social skills. But now, Maco could only listen, if anyone is telling something, she would look to that person and listen as if she could understand, or maybe she's just really chismosa. HAHAHA joke! 

Here she is telling me a story... Hehe! Our daldal little girl. Oh how I wish I could answer every single thing you said.

As what I've been doing the past monthly kaartehan for our little Munchkin, of course here are the photos I took of her. I took this yesterday and with my phone because I'm too lazy to transfer photos from the cam to the laptop, so I guess these will do. Hehehe! Will post the photos from the cam as soon as I gain my strength back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

what's this, ma?

Photo A

Photo B

Find the difference between photo A and photo B, and you will win a prize! HAHAHA JOKE! ;P Sorry can't afford giveaways yet! Hehe :)


  1. Happy 6th month Maco!! Big girl na, grabe yung mga cheeks nya! Namiss ko yung ganyan ni Jami before, nawala na kasi sobrang kulit na ngayon eh! heheh.


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