Help Save Baby Chloe

I stumbled upon this photo on facebook from one of the groups I joined in.

Honestly, I thought it was already over since it was dated Dec 2013 pa, it's been 2 years! But no, Baby Chloe's still suffering.:( 

Based on the comments I read, Baby Chloe is suffering from Esophageal Varices due to Portal Hypertension. My heart is aching to see these photos of her. Haayyy. Nakakaiyak. :( She's confined in Callang General Hospital in Santiago City, Isabela, if anyone who reads this from Isabela, or is near the area, they're in need of A+ blood type for baby Chloe, please. 

As of the moment, baby Chloe's undergoing operation already. Praying for you, baby Chloe.

Don't you worry baby Chloe, everything's going to be alright. I know you will recover soon enough, and you could play again, you're a strong girl. :)

You may contact them via this facebook page

and this no. that I saw on the comments


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