Happy Birthday to Me!

Last June 14th was my birthday. Oh em. I am now 26. Just looking at the number makes me feel old. I can't believe I'm 4 years away from 30. WTF. Is this for real?! Oh my...

Holyshhhh... I still can't believe my age. I feel like I'm just 19!!! For bleep's sake, I still get acne. Haha! Okay woosaaaahhhhhh...



I am now calm... :)

At around 12 midnight of June 13th, my husband greeted me a happy birthday already, and then he took a bath (we usually take a bath before going to bed, because I would not let him sleep on the bed if he didn't. I'm maarte like that heehee sorry), and when he got back, there was a slice of cake(from Maco's cake) with a lit-candle and he was singing me a happy birthday as he entered our room. Hihi! Oo, kinilig ako syempre! And I cried a little. Haha! Yes, I'm a cry baby. But only if I'm alone or it's just the two of us. Hehe! I remember when we were watching Crazy Beautiful You and The Trial with my SILs, shet ang sakit kaya ng lalamunan ko mapigilan lang iyak ko!! Hahaha! I'm not comfortable when other people see me cry.Hehe! But way back our retreat in college, damn I was not able to share my story because I cried the whole night I can't even talk. Hahaha! Anyway, back to my husband singing me a happy birthday... After he sang, we ate the piece of cake and watched a movie. And then I fell asleep. Heehee

Morning came and they greeted me a happy birthday! :) And it was also the time Maco had her first solid! LINK

Our plan was to hear mass and go malling. But since, our moolah's not enough, we decided that we'll just hear mass and go home right after. But, Joshua's Ate txted us that they're going to hear the mass at Pedro Calungsod Chapel in SM Aura, so we joined in. We didn't know that my Father-in-law has a plan too, he wants to order pizza. But that did not happen because I think nagtampo sya when we told him that we'll meet up with my SILs to hear mass at Pedro Calungsod Chapel. Na-bother kami ni Joshua kasi nakita namin na nalungkot sya. :( Joshua tried to tell him that we'll just buy food at the mall and we'll eat at home na lang. But, he disagreed (we think nagtampo na talaga sya), so we went on with our plan with the SILs. Heehee

Smiling Maco!

There were so many people at the chapel that we're not able to sit inside. We sat outside but it was too hot and people were still adding up. So, Joshua and I went farther and sit by the grass. It was fine. As we were about to go back to where his sisters, nephew and niece were, they're already on the way to us. We all sat by the grass. A couple of minutes later, I don't know why but we couldn't hear anything anymore. So we decided to get back in the mall. Sorry Lord I wasn't able to finish the mass. :( We stroll for a while, and then we went to Market! Market! to have dinner at Hap Chan. Thank you to Ate Jac for treating us to dinner. Hihi :)

They were quite in a hurry since the kids have school the next day, so when they left, we stroll at Market! Market! some more. ANG DAMING TAO KASI ANDUN SILA LIZA SOBERANO AND ENRIQUE GIL PROMOTING THEIR MOVIE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Fun Fact: I watch Forevermore! Hehe :) Was hoping to see Enrique Gil but when husband saw me tip-toeing and joining the crowd, he showed me his WTF face. Hahaha! Joshua doesn't like mall shows and people. Hahaha! Kidding! On the side note, I like Market! Market! since they have tyangge, and I really wanted to buy new clothes. Unfortunately, we really can't at that time. I know, it was just the middle of the month and we're out of money already. Just had some serious financial problem. Haaayyyyyy. Anyway how I wish there would be a free shopping spree contest! I would definitely join that! Now I remember the shoes I saw at Forever 21. I want eeeetttttt!!! Ugh. Hope there would be the same or close enough like that in SM Dept Store. Heehee

What was Joshua's gift to me?

I've been bugging him for new slippers last April because mine wasn't pang-alis as it was only a 50-peso kind of slippers, but not until June that I realized that I don't really need an expensive kind of slippers, instead I'll invest more on flats/sandals now. I could buy 2 pairs of shoes from SM Dept Store already from the price of this one! But, a week before my birthday, what I asked from him was make-up and I don't know why he came with this. Hahaha! And to think he was supposed to order from the instagram shop I showed him. Props to him for asking from the instagram shop regarding make-up. Hahaha! I was surprised that he did that! Haha! But, would there be 2 gifts from him? Wow! But the make-up didn't happen. :( Or is it because the make-up didn't happen and he came up with this one. But nonetheless, I'm really thankful for this! May pang-alis na akong tsinelas! Hahaha

Thanks hun, I love you! :)


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Coi. You're lucky to have a sweet and thoughtful husband.

    Yea, I love that fashion market in Market Market too! ��


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