Giving Birth at The Medical City

I realized I didn't share much regarding myself giving birth last December 13th,2014 at The Medical City. So, let's do it now. I may be almost 6 months late, but I still hope this would help some of moms-to-be out there, esp those who are planning to give birth at The Medical City. So, let's start, shall we? :)

Let's start with my OB, her name is Dra. Regina Aquias, she was referred to us by my sister-in-law. She was my sister-in-law's OB with her 2 kids. Dra. Aquias was great, she knows what she do. Well, hello she's been in the field for how many years already so that isn't surprising. She have answers already even before I ask them. Yes. But honestly, we tried to get another OB from Makati Medical Center since The Medical City was too far from home. Imagine we pay 300Php of fare back-and-forth every checkup? Downside of not knowing how to drive. Meh. Anyway, so as I was saying, we tried to get another OB from Makati Medical Center, I forgot her name already. I think we just chose from the OB's we saw on the list there, and when we got there, we're surprised that we're 2nd from the line already! Not much were in line. That didn't bother me though, I liked it actually because we didn't have to wait for too long. When it was our turn already, she asked questions like what happens during checkups, and that's where we heard our little munchkin's heartbeat for the first time! So after all that, the OB was just face down on her notes, writing the meds she's prescribing me, while my husband and I were asking questions. Everything was fine, not until we got the receipt where the amount we'll pay were written. Guess how much? It was 1,000+Php. Picture are confused/disappointed/suprised faces here. It was double the amount we pay for Dra. Aquias! That amount + transpo = NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. So, we went back to Dra Aquias wherein we only pay 650Php every checkup. Plus she isn't face down while we were talking to her. :)

Okay, now let's get back to me giving birth...

Card I received after I gave birth  :)
It was almost 4 in the morning when we arrived at the hospital and then, we went straight to the Pre-Labor Room, as what was written on the paper given to us. It was also written there the things we need and need to do before going to the Pre-Labor Room. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to follow most of it because I panicked. Do.Not.Panic.

Anyway, before that, I think two weeks or a week before my last checkup, I went to the anesthesiologist which was referred by Dra Aquias, to explain further regarding epidural, which I didn't like the procedure btw most esp when the doctor gave me an in-depth explanation of what's going to happen/how to put epidural on me. Hahaha! I can't remember paying that time after I spoke with the doctor. I guess it's part of the package we acquired.

Back to Pre-Labor Room... I was 4cm already, and I didn't stay there much long. It was just a couple of mins and I went to Labor Room already. There, I suffered. HAHAHA! Huhuhu. My biggest regret was not eating my breakfast or even anything before going in there. I didn't know it would take that long. Seriously. Even though I heard other stories that they've labored for hours. I didn't care much because I thought I would have a smooth delivery. Apparently, that's not how it works. Oh well.

They asked me if I wanted to have the epidural already, I said no. Yes, I thought I could make it long enough without it. What was I thinking. I only asked for it when I can't stand the pain anymore and when I felt it every less than 5 minutes. The pain was indescribable. I imagined how they did that in the earlier times. Without anesthesia or anything. And some moms now that did not have anesthesia when giving birth. Ohmy.

It was around 12:30pm when we went to the Delivery Room already. And the first thing I noticed was, the big light they have there, and how spacious it was in there. Hahaha. So there, they put more epidural in me, and then my OB started to tell me to "push!" already. "Push mo, Mommy!" Hahaha! Honestly, I can't feel anything down there so I was not really sure if what I was doing was right or not. I just try to push. Whatever comes out, comes out. And yes, I pooped (This is too much of an information but what the hell I don't care hahaha). I'm so sorry if you're eating while reading this, I'm just being honest! :) I'm getting tired of pushing and pushing and pushing, and my little munchkin's still not out!!! Aahhh the frustration! So, Dr. Reyes, my anestheseologist, helped! He pushed my tummy so hard I pushed him away! Hahaha! That 's what hurt me most, when they're pushing my tummy! :(

1:03pm My Little Munchkin was born! I had a moment when I saw her, I cried for a while because at last the pain is over and of course, I was able to see my Little Girl already! I never felt this much happiness when I saw her. And when she was put on my chest, haayyy best feeling ever! She did not cry much, but when I heard her cry, I wanted to carry her already!

After all the drama (hehehe), I was brought to the Recovery Room with my little munchkin. She latched on me for quite a while and then slept some more. Nurses told me to rest and sleep first before they put me to my room, but I just can't help myself from staring to my Little Munchkin. They're quite busy for my little munchkin, there were tests going on for her and all. Hay how I wish I was with her with all those tests she has gone to.

An hour passed and my little munchkin and I went to our room already, there I saw family and my little munchkin's cousins waiting for her. :) Photos here and there with my little munchkin of course! Everyone's excited to see our Little Maco! And her Papa's busy with the papers. Hehehe. We stayed in the ward btw. That's what the package includes. It's fine with me because we only stayed there for two nights and it looks like we're in a private room because we are in an enclosed room, it doesn't look like a ward at all. One thing I didn't like though was the common toilet. :(

with her Lola

with her Tita Jac

Our first night was good. Though we weren't able to sleep that much because we're always checking on our Little Munchkin. And we hear some babies crying from the other rooms so that's why. Heehee  And the nurses knocks quite often for my meds and to check on our little munchkin.

The next day was rough. We've had some visitors and our Little Maco wasn't peeing that much. She also doesn't milk that much so I guess that's the reason she's not peeing. I didn't really want to give her formula because I want her to be breastfed all through out, but a resident doctor came (not her pedia), and told us to give her formula already because my milk was not enough. But still, I insist on breastfeeding so I did not really follow that. And then, after some time, a nurse came and she told us to give her formula already or else she will dehydrate. I panicked so we immediately try to buy outside because we're sure that if we buy from the hospital, it's more expensive. And yes, it was more expensive, like 300pesos more expensive than if we buy from Mercury Drug which was the nearest drugstore there. But, Mercury Drug told my husband that they needed prescription from the doctor first before we can buy the milk for newborn, so my husband went back to the hospital and asked for prescription, but the doctor who told us to give her formula said that they do not give prescription for such. I KNOW. WTF. So we ended up buying from the hospital, because we do not want our baby to dehydrate. With a heavy heart, we gave her formula milk. :( 

It was also in the second day she was given a bath. The midwife who was giving her a bath was so good. I mean she was so fast and she was just holding her with one hand! How good was that! Well, she's been doing it for years! But still, wow! As I was looking, I thought to myself... I could do that! Ah no, not really.

Our last night was creepy. Other families from the other rooms were leaving one by one. So, that night it was just us and the other family in the room next to ours. And they're too quiet! Even their baby was quiet! It feels like we were the only ones in the ward! On the other side though there were other families, but they were too far from our side. You had to pass the nurse station first before getting to the other side. Anyway, even when I had to pee in the middle of the night, I had to run to get to the toilet! Haha kidding! But I walk fast! Really fast and I don't close the main door of the toilet! But of course I close the cubicle's door. Hahaha! It was so creepy and when I check on the nurse, she was always out, maybe she was at the main nurse station which was outside the ward. Not that I need something from her though, I just want to take a peek if there's still someone out there. And the worst thing on our second night was my husband sleeping! I was so creeped out already and he's still sleeping! I wake him up time after time just so I am not the only one awake. Hehehe! It feels like the time is too slow! Ugh

The creepy night has passed and another morning has come! Yey everyone's awake already! And breakfast! So, it was our last day and I'm excited to go home and take a nice warm bath! I wasn't able to take a bath at the hospital because as I've said, it was a common toilet, and I'm not comfortable with it. So yeah. But first, our little Maco had to undergo newborn screening! And I think almost 12 hours has passed that our little munchkin had peed! Yes. So there's another problem. She needed to pee before we can go home. Good thing the nurse that time was so nice (I forgot her name :( ), she's been a big help to us! :) It scared me because wtf was wrong with my baby why isn't she peeing? She's having milk already but still no pee. I cried because of frustration and I guess having no sleep for two days add up.

Husband was the one who accompanied the nurse with our little Munchkin for the newborn screening, I really wanted to come with them but, sadly I can't yet. :( So I needed to wait for an hour or so, and when they came back, husband told me how our Little Munchkin cried while in the room. Poor baby :( He even told me he wanted to go inside and stop the doctors on what they were doing. Haha! And thankfully, after the newborn screening, our Little Munchkin peed! We're going home!

Okay, we're done with my experiences during giving birth and our stay at the hospital, now to the expenses...

I think all in all our expenses were around 65,000Php - 70,000Php but not much. I think it's quite cheaper than other private hospitals I know.

We chose the package wherein it includes my anesthesiologist, pediatrician, and ob already. Everything. But, you stay at ward, BUT, as I've said earlier, it doesn't really look like a ward, it looks like you have your own room, but a common toilet. The common toilet is the only thing I don't like about it, but over all, it's great. We only stayed there for 2 nights so it didn't bother me that much. Also, you could bring your laptop to keep you entertained, and of course your phone, and a book. I should've brought a book with me. It was already written on the paper given to us, to bring a book, but I panicked so.

Okay, here's a bullet form of our expenses if you don't want to read all of those... Hehe

  • For Myself (Room, meds, etc...) - 50,000+Php
  • For our Little Munchkin (nursery, newborn screening, etc...) - 14,000Php
  • Miscellaneous (swaddle,formula milk,snacks,etc...) - Not sure with this. Sorry! But I believe it's not more than 3,000Php!
I'm not sure what's that blue green thing for!

Yup we havent use most of it yet :(

We're also able to take home the pillow. Hahaha! Of course it's part of our payment why not take it home! Hehe Aaannndddd toiletries for Maco (baby wash, baby oil, alcohol, cotton, etc...), Prokids diapers, basin, napkin for me hehe, etc. And the nursing pillow! What I liked the most of all the gifts they gave us! Now, I'm using it as a " support chair" for our little Maco.

Giving birth was not easy, most especially with the expenses. Good thing we have supportive family. :) Thank you very much to our very supportive and loving family for everything you have given us since then, even I was not pregnant yet. :)

Anyway, hope this helps to the future moms out there who are still deciding on where to give birth. :)


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