Father's Day 2015: First Father's Day for Joshua

As we all know, last June 21st was Father's Day. And it was Joshua's first Father's Day celebration as a dad! :)

A week before father's day, I'm already thinking on what to give Joshua since it is going to be his first father's day as a dad, and I thought it must be something special. I don't want to get money from him so I could buy a gift for him, that just doesn't make any sense. Well, at least for me. :) So, I came up with this...

it's already displayed on his office desk :">

I just made use of some paint, paper, frame that's been lying here for forever, and some art skillz~. Hahaha! It's just a simple Keep Calm "mini poster" but the thought is in there. *wink* 

But if given that I have money, I would give him a belt, and some polo shirts because that's what he really need for work. A belt because his pants are getting loose (yes pumapayat!), and some decent polo shirts so he would look like an office man na. Yes, man. Haha! And a pair of decent shoes na rin! Ang dami ko pala gusto ibili sa kanya! Or siguro samin dalawa. Heehee! We get judgmental looks from some people when we go out sometimes kasi, maybe some people were thinking we might be too young to have a baby or whatever. Baka akala teens parin kami, baby face kasi kami eh. HAHAHAHAHA!

But, now that I think of it. Why the hell I care on what they think. Maybe they find our baby too cute to resist to stare. Let's look on the bright side. :)

Okay, enough of that and let's talk on how we spent my husband's first father's day.

My SILs bought food from North Park for my Father-in-law and we just ate here at home with the whole family. After lunch and some chika, our little girl got sleepy, so we went to our room and husband and I just hung out there. Lol! Then we went to church that night.

#feelingtourist ang little girl

On our way to hear the mass :)

It was not how we wanted to celebrate his first father's day, but at  least we had some special lunch that time and we celebrated it with the family. :)

Again, happy father's day, hun. We love  you! <3


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