Monday, June 29, 2015

Help Save Baby Chloe

I stumbled upon this photo on facebook from one of the groups I joined in.

Honestly, I thought it was already over since it was dated Dec 2013 pa, it's been 2 years! But no, Baby Chloe's still suffering.:( 

Based on the comments I read, Baby Chloe is suffering from Esophageal Varices due to Portal Hypertension. My heart is aching to see these photos of her. Haayyy. Nakakaiyak. :( She's confined in Callang General Hospital in Santiago City, Isabela, if anyone who reads this from Isabela, or is near the area, they're in need of A+ blood type for baby Chloe, please. 

As of the moment, baby Chloe's undergoing operation already. Praying for you, baby Chloe.

Don't you worry baby Chloe, everything's going to be alright. I know you will recover soon enough, and you could play again, you're a strong girl. :)

You may contact them via this facebook page

and this no. that I saw on the comments

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Father's Day 2015: First Father's Day for Joshua

As we all know, last June 21st was Father's Day. And it was Joshua's first Father's Day celebration as a dad! :)

A week before father's day, I'm already thinking on what to give Joshua since it is going to be his first father's day as a dad, and I thought it must be something special. I don't want to get money from him so I could buy a gift for him, that just doesn't make any sense. Well, at least for me. :) So, I came up with this...

it's already displayed on his office desk :">

I just made use of some paint, paper, frame that's been lying here for forever, and some art skillz~. Hahaha! It's just a simple Keep Calm "mini poster" but the thought is in there. *wink* 

But if given that I have money, I would give him a belt, and some polo shirts because that's what he really need for work. A belt because his pants are getting loose (yes pumapayat!), and some decent polo shirts so he would look like an office man na. Yes, man. Haha! And a pair of decent shoes na rin! Ang dami ko pala gusto ibili sa kanya! Or siguro samin dalawa. Heehee! We get judgmental looks from some people when we go out sometimes kasi, maybe some people were thinking we might be too young to have a baby or whatever. Baka akala teens parin kami, baby face kasi kami eh. HAHAHAHAHA!

But, now that I think of it. Why the hell I care on what they think. Maybe they find our baby too cute to resist to stare. Let's look on the bright side. :)

Okay, enough of that and let's talk on how we spent my husband's first father's day.

My SILs bought food from North Park for my Father-in-law and we just ate here at home with the whole family. After lunch and some chika, our little girl got sleepy, so we went to our room and husband and I just hung out there. Lol! Then we went to church that night.

#feelingtourist ang little girl

On our way to hear the mass :)

It was not how we wanted to celebrate his first father's day, but at  least we had some special lunch that time and we celebrated it with the family. :)

Again, happy father's day, hun. We love  you! <3

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last June 14th was my birthday. Oh em. I am now 26. Just looking at the number makes me feel old. I can't believe I'm 4 years away from 30. WTF. Is this for real?! Oh my...

Holyshhhh... I still can't believe my age. I feel like I'm just 19!!! For bleep's sake, I still get acne. Haha! Okay woosaaaahhhhhh...



I am now calm... :)

At around 12 midnight of June 13th, my husband greeted me a happy birthday already, and then he took a bath (we usually take a bath before going to bed, because I would not let him sleep on the bed if he didn't. I'm maarte like that heehee sorry), and when he got back, there was a slice of cake(from Maco's cake) with a lit-candle and he was singing me a happy birthday as he entered our room. Hihi! Oo, kinilig ako syempre! And I cried a little. Haha! Yes, I'm a cry baby. But only if I'm alone or it's just the two of us. Hehe! I remember when we were watching Crazy Beautiful You and The Trial with my SILs, shet ang sakit kaya ng lalamunan ko mapigilan lang iyak ko!! Hahaha! I'm not comfortable when other people see me cry.Hehe! But way back our retreat in college, damn I was not able to share my story because I cried the whole night I can't even talk. Hahaha! Anyway, back to my husband singing me a happy birthday... After he sang, we ate the piece of cake and watched a movie. And then I fell asleep. Heehee

Morning came and they greeted me a happy birthday! :) And it was also the time Maco had her first solid! LINK

Our plan was to hear mass and go malling. But since, our moolah's not enough, we decided that we'll just hear mass and go home right after. But, Joshua's Ate txted us that they're going to hear the mass at Pedro Calungsod Chapel in SM Aura, so we joined in. We didn't know that my Father-in-law has a plan too, he wants to order pizza. But that did not happen because I think nagtampo sya when we told him that we'll meet up with my SILs to hear mass at Pedro Calungsod Chapel. Na-bother kami ni Joshua kasi nakita namin na nalungkot sya. :( Joshua tried to tell him that we'll just buy food at the mall and we'll eat at home na lang. But, he disagreed (we think nagtampo na talaga sya), so we went on with our plan with the SILs. Heehee

Smiling Maco!

There were so many people at the chapel that we're not able to sit inside. We sat outside but it was too hot and people were still adding up. So, Joshua and I went farther and sit by the grass. It was fine. As we were about to go back to where his sisters, nephew and niece were, they're already on the way to us. We all sat by the grass. A couple of minutes later, I don't know why but we couldn't hear anything anymore. So we decided to get back in the mall. Sorry Lord I wasn't able to finish the mass. :( We stroll for a while, and then we went to Market! Market! to have dinner at Hap Chan. Thank you to Ate Jac for treating us to dinner. Hihi :)

They were quite in a hurry since the kids have school the next day, so when they left, we stroll at Market! Market! some more. ANG DAMING TAO KASI ANDUN SILA LIZA SOBERANO AND ENRIQUE GIL PROMOTING THEIR MOVIE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Fun Fact: I watch Forevermore! Hehe :) Was hoping to see Enrique Gil but when husband saw me tip-toeing and joining the crowd, he showed me his WTF face. Hahaha! Joshua doesn't like mall shows and people. Hahaha! Kidding! On the side note, I like Market! Market! since they have tyangge, and I really wanted to buy new clothes. Unfortunately, we really can't at that time. I know, it was just the middle of the month and we're out of money already. Just had some serious financial problem. Haaayyyyyy. Anyway how I wish there would be a free shopping spree contest! I would definitely join that! Now I remember the shoes I saw at Forever 21. I want eeeetttttt!!! Ugh. Hope there would be the same or close enough like that in SM Dept Store. Heehee

What was Joshua's gift to me?

I've been bugging him for new slippers last April because mine wasn't pang-alis as it was only a 50-peso kind of slippers, but not until June that I realized that I don't really need an expensive kind of slippers, instead I'll invest more on flats/sandals now. I could buy 2 pairs of shoes from SM Dept Store already from the price of this one! But, a week before my birthday, what I asked from him was make-up and I don't know why he came with this. Hahaha! And to think he was supposed to order from the instagram shop I showed him. Props to him for asking from the instagram shop regarding make-up. Hahaha! I was surprised that he did that! Haha! But, would there be 2 gifts from him? Wow! But the make-up didn't happen. :( Or is it because the make-up didn't happen and he came up with this one. But nonetheless, I'm really thankful for this! May pang-alis na akong tsinelas! Hahaha

Thanks hun, I love you! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Maco's 6th Month

Happy 1/2 Birthday Maco!!! We Love You!!!

As I've said on my previous post (, Maco's 6th month was also her monthly check-up, and we were given a go signal to give her solids already! :D :D :D We were all excited because at long last, she'll be able to eat with us! Yey! But at her 6th month celebration, she was not able to eat with us because she slept while I was preparing her food. :(

Going back to her check-up...

our little Macoki was sleeping when we got to the hospital

those cheeksssssss

and then her father joined in

now with Mama when she woke up

<3 <3 <3

nope, that's not her doctor, since madami tao sa may clinic ng doctor nya, sa medyo malayo na kami nakaupo

yup, we take or rather, I take a lot of photos while waiting for our turn hehehe
When it was our turn already, and we got inside her pedia's clinic, I noticed Maco was tearing up. Her eyes and nose were turning red,and her mouth (like this :( already) was just waiting for the doctor to speak she's so ready to cry, so I held her hand and said "Maco no, it's okay" with a smiley face. I guessed that worked because she held her cry and just stared at the doctor, until her pedia picked her up and lay her on the clinic bed, and there she cried.

So I asked the doctor if she could eat already, and we all know the answer, he said YAASSSS. Heehee! And I asked him if something was wrong because her poop was watery and sometimes she poops twice a day, though she doesn't poop everyday, but she's still active, smiles and laughs a lot, so her doctor said that we cannot consider that she's having diarrhea because she should be pooping thrice. I also read somewhere that if a baby is purely breastfed, her poop is more watery than formula fed babies, so I guess I just need to hear it from the doctor and I am not at ease. :)

Maco loves to sit now, but she can't sit on her own yet, so whenever we're downstairs, she's always carried because she doesn't want to just lay on the crib all day, and that is why her Lolo bought her a walker, kasi mainit daw ang katawan namin at naiinitan ang kanyang prinsesita kapag laging karga. Hahaha! Thanks Lolo Boy!

our very happy little munchkin!!! <3

wait, how do you use this thing?!


If Maco can talk already, man I know she would love to tell stories after stories after stories, just like her cousin, Ate Dylan. Which btw I think is a good thing, because I was not that social when I was a kid and how I wish I was. :( And I think it would practice their social skills. But now, Maco could only listen, if anyone is telling something, she would look to that person and listen as if she could understand, or maybe she's just really chismosa. HAHAHA joke! 

Here she is telling me a story... Hehe! Our daldal little girl. Oh how I wish I could answer every single thing you said.

As what I've been doing the past monthly kaartehan for our little Munchkin, of course here are the photos I took of her. I took this yesterday and with my phone because I'm too lazy to transfer photos from the cam to the laptop, so I guess these will do. Hehehe! Will post the photos from the cam as soon as I gain my strength back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

what's this, ma?

Photo A

Photo B

Find the difference between photo A and photo B, and you will win a prize! HAHAHA JOKE! ;P Sorry can't afford giveaways yet! Hehe :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Yay Food!" -Maco

"I want food already. Give me some real food, Ma" -Maco

Last June 13th we celebrated her 6th month and it was also her monthly check-up. So, of course, during her check-up we asked her pedia if she can eat already, and yup-YES! If Maco could understand what the doctor just said, she might have yelled "YAAASSS!!". Hahaha!

Even before her check-up, husband and I has been talking on what food to give our little munchkin, and we both agreed to give her nothing but pure veggies and fruits. :) Well, at least for the both of us, that's what we wanted to give our little one. We don't want to give her processed baby food! No, no, no. Although, some people surrounding us have been bugging us to give her this and that and would even say "nung panahon namin hindi naman ganyan...". Oh well. We just smile. :) My sister-in-law bought her organic baby food from Healthy Options though, so I guess that's fine! Maco loved the peas one! But she doesn't like the fruits because they're kind of sour. 

There are times though, just to keep them shut, we let them give her food that we don't really want to give our own baby. :( What can we do? Gotta respect the old people. Also, it's just a tiny bit of some sort of processed/salty/sweet/unhealthy food so yeah. 

Right after the check-up, we went home immediately for her first solid and her 6th month celebration. Joshua and I went to the "mini mall" near Guadalupe MRT Station to buy cake and baked mac from Greenwich, too bad Greenwich closed there already though so we ended up buying  at Goldilocks. We bought palabok from Goldilocks and cake from Red Ribbon. Haha! I know! Ewan ko rin ba sa asawa ko bakit hindi na lang din kami sa Goldilocks bumili ng cake! Choosy! Hahaha! Kaya siguro ang konti ng palabok ng Goldilocks kasi nakita na sa Red Ribbon kami bumili ng cake! HAHA! Issue! :P

When we got home, our little munchkin was making sumpong already! And yes, a few minutes later, she's down. So we decided to give her solid the next day already! Which was my birthday btw! :D So I thought it was more special! Heehee

For her first food, we gave her... KALABASA!!! :D

wasn't able to take a photo preparing her food. put too much water on her kalabasa though :(

how was it my little munckin?


got kalabasa?

yum yum kalabasa!

kalabasa is so good~

Kalabasa is squash btw! :)

I was planning to blog on how I prepare her first solid and all but, husband was doing the laundry that time and I was busy preparing her food I even forgot to take photos! It was my first time to prepare baby food so I've got no idea and I panicked a little. Meh :(

Earlier tonight for dinner, we gave her kamote (sweet potato), and she loved it! We already gave her potatoes but she didn't like it since it was too bland. Even I didn't like the mashed potato! But I surely love it with some butter and gravy! Haha

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Letting Go of Macoalabear's Clothes :(

  One day I decided to check on my little munchkin's clothes and see if it still fit her. Unfortunately, a number of her clothes does not fit her anymore. And mostly were used only once, twice, or thrice. Not even more than five times. :(

I think I've got attachment issues since I can't let go most of it. Hehe. Most of it were still in her closet. Hay why is it so hard to let go? HAHA. I'm not making #hugot or anything, it's just so haaaaard to let it go. Or maybe I'm not yet ready for my little munchkin to grow up? Is that why? I'm not sure. She's growing way too fast. :(

I think I needed this...

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door!

I should learn to let them go. They're just occupying too much space. Keep that in mind, Coi. :)

So with that, here are some of my little munchkin's clothes that I'm letting go... :( haha joke it should be :)

This was a gift from her Lola Ana even before our Macoalabear arrived
it comes with a bonnet and mittens. what she wore for her first checkup!
back in the day when those mittens were too big for our Macoalabear

hand-me-down from her Ate Dylan

that's what she wore for her first mass!
while walking to the chapel, some lady said "ay ang cute! ay binyag nya" nagkatinginan kami ni husband since we both do not know her haha! and then may nagsabi pa "ay girl pala baby nyo" haha ok
another hand-me-down from her Ate Dylan

what she wore for her very first lunch out haha

given by her Lola Ana as her Christmas outfit
what she wore for Christmas eve!
one of the Christmas gifts from Lolo Nestor. a personal favorite of mine

it was quite big for her so we were able to use this more than 5 times! :)
headband and shoes made by her Lola Susie

joshua and I bought this for our Macoalabear since I find it. too cute to resist! It instantly became a favorite of mine
too bad though, she only wore this once or twice. the sleeves became fit to our maco's arm
it is paired with a panty. the panty still fits her

gift from her Ninong Mike and Tita Jac! another favorite of mine! I so love the print!!

I think she was a month old or two here. Look how little she was!!!! 
glad that she was able to use this for more than 5 times! she was around 3 or 4 months here! and that shirt is still in her closet!

hand-me-down from her Ate Dylan. I love that it says "too cute" :)
most of the hand-me-downs I got from joshua's ate were mostly onesies! one of my favorites was this one
when Maco still sleeps a LOT
I love you my little munchkin! can't believe I was able to hold this little girl! she's tiny! well duh hehe :)

joshua and I bought this one and the one below from the online shop called Stash By Liz, it was one of my favorite online shops online since the quality of the clothes I bought from her were really nice! 

 these were the very first clothes we bought for our Macoalabear! I was just pregnant when we bought these two! these were paired with leggings, but wasn't able to take a photo of it! hehe

Maco only wore this for a couple of times only since it was too big for her that time. the photo above with her Lola and Pope Francis, she was using the stripes one as a dress

this was taken when she was around 3 or 4 months. at this time I'm not letting her wear this one that much since it's too hot already. should've bought a shirt/sleeveless that time

another favorite given by her Lola Ana! actually, I was the one who chose this one! it was soooo cute! too bad she only wore this less than 5 times :( it was too arte kasi so I thought it was too much for malling, but then I thought what the hell she's a baby! She can wear whatver Mama wants hehe :)

 can't find any photo with her wearing that dress, just this one. huhuhuuhuhuhuhu! cant give justice to that beautiful dress!

 another one we bought from Stash By Liz, this still fit our Macoalabear but it's going to an end :( good she was able to wear this more than 5 times!

 on her way to pedia, she doesn't look that happy hehehehe

There you go! Just some of my Macoalabear's clothes that doesn't fit/so close on not being fit to Maco anymore! Hehehe! 

Honestly, I'd always buy new clothes for Maco every month, not until now. I realized that it's not very practical to buy new sets of clothes for Maco (or maybe for babies in general) every month, because before you know that she has that shirt or dress, it's too small or too fit for your little boy/girl. That's what happened to us. Hehe!

And these clothes I just showed? Most of these were for 6-9m or 12m already! And my baby's just turning 6 months this coming June 13th! 

Or maybeeee if you're really eager to buy clothes for your little boy/girl, buy two or more sizes big so it will fit her for a long time! A dress for now, a top in the coming years! That's what I learned from my sister-in-law and obviously, from experience! Hehe

Anyway, if you want to check out Stash By Liz <-click it for her page! :)