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Help Save Baby Chloe

I stumbled upon this photo on facebook from one of the groups I joined in.

Honestly, I thought it was already over since it was dated Dec 2013 pa, it's been 2 years! But no, Baby Chloe's still suffering.:( 
Based on the comments I read, Baby Chloe is suffering from Esophageal Varices due to Portal Hypertension. My heart is aching to see these photos of her. Haayyy. Nakakaiyak. :( She's confined in Callang General Hospital in Santiago City, Isabela, if anyone who reads this from Isabela, or is near the area, they're in need of A+ blood type for baby Chloe, please. 
As of the moment, baby Chloe's undergoing operation already. Praying for you, baby Chloe.
Don't you worry baby Chloe, everything's going to be alright. I know you will recover soon enough, and you could play again, you're a strong girl. :)
You may contact them via this facebook page
and this no. that I saw on the comments 0917…

Father's Day 2015: First Father's Day for Joshua

As we all know, last June 21st was Father's Day. And it was Joshua's first Father's Day celebration as a dad! :)

A week before father's day, I'm already thinking on what to give Joshua since it is going to be his first father's day as a dad, and I thought it must be something special. I don't want to get money from him so I could buy a gift for him, that just doesn't make any sense. Well, at least for me. :) So, I came up with this...
I just made use of some paint, paper, frame that's been lying here for forever, and some art skillz~. Hahaha! It's just a simple Keep Calm "mini poster" but the thought is in there. *wink* 
But if given that I have money, I would give him a belt, and some polo shirts because that's what he really need for work. A belt because his pants are getting loose (yes pumapayat!), and some decent polo shirts so he would look like an office man na. Yes, man. Haha! And a pair of decent shoes na rin! Ang dami ko pala…

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last June 14th was my birthday. Oh em. I am now 26. Just looking at the number makes me feel old. I can't believe I'm 4 years away from 30. WTF. Is this for real?! Oh my...

Holyshhhh... I still can't believe my age. I feel like I'm just 19!!! For bleep's sake, I still get acne. Haha! Okay woosaaaahhhhhh...
I am now calm... :)

At around 12 midnight of June 13th, my husband greeted me a happy birthday already, and then he took a bath (we usually take a bath before going to bed, because I would not let him sleep on the bed if he didn't. I'm maarte like that heehee sorry), and when he got back, there was a slice of cake(from Maco's cake) with a lit-candle and he was singing me a happy birthday as he entered our room. Hihi! Oo, kinilig ako syempre! And I cried a little. Haha! Yes, I'm a cry baby. But only if I'm alone or it's just the two of us. Hehe! I remember when we were watching Crazy Beautiful You and The Trial with my SILs, she…

Maco's 6th Month

Happy 1/2 Birthday Maco!!! We Love You!!!

As I've said on my previous post (, Maco's 6th month was also her monthly check-up, and we were given a go signal to give her solids already! :D :D :D We were all excited because at long last, she'll be able to eat with us! Yey! But at her 6th month celebration, she was not able to eat with us because she slept while I was preparing her food. :(
Going back to her check-up...

When it was our turn already, and we got inside her pedia's clinic, I noticed Maco was tearing up. Her eyes and nose were turning red,and her mouth (like this :( already) was just waiting for the doctor to speak she's so ready to cry, so I held her hand and said "Maco no, it's okay" with a smiley face. I guessed that worked because she held her cry and just stared at the doctor, until her pedia picked her up and lay her on the clinic bed, and there she cried.
So I asked the doct…

"Yay Food!" -Maco

"I want food already. Give me some real food, Ma" -Maco
Last June 13th we celebrated her 6th month and it was also her monthly check-up. So, of course, during her check-up we asked her pedia if she can eat already, and yup-YES! If Maco could understand what the doctor just said, she might have yelled "YAAASSS!!". Hahaha!

Even before her check-up, husband and I has been talking on what food to give our little munchkin, and we both agreed to give her nothing but pure veggies and fruits. :) Well, at least for the both of us, that's what we wanted to give our little one. We don't want to give her processed baby food! No, no, no. Although, some people surrounding us have been bugging us to give her this and that and would even say "nung panahon namin hindi naman ganyan...". Oh well. We just smile. :) My sister-in-law bought her organic baby food from Healthy Options though, so I guess that's fine! Maco loved the peas one! But she doesn't like the…

Letting Go of Macoalabear's Clothes :(

One day I decided to check on my little munchkin's clothes and see if it still fit her. Unfortunately, a number of her clothes does not fit her anymore. And mostly were used only once, twice, or thrice. Not even more than five times. :(
I think I've got attachment issues since I can't let go most of it. Hehe. Most of it were still in her closet. Hay why is it so hard to let go? HAHA. I'm not making #hugot or anything, it's just so haaaaard to let it go. Or maybe I'm not yet ready for my little munchkin to grow up? Is that why? I'm not sure. She's growing way too fast. :(
I think I needed this...
Let it go, let it go Can't hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go Turn away and slam the door!
I should learn to let them go. They're just occupying too much space. Keep that in mind, Coi. :)
So with that, here are some of my little munchkin's clothes that I'm letting go... :( haha joke it should be :)