Review: SaYa Baby Carrier

I do not really know anything about SaYa or any Baby Carriers until I joined Babywearing Philippines group on facebook. Unfortunately, before I had my SaYa Baby Carrier, I already bought another carrier, it was fine with me, but after a few minutes of using it, my back aches already! But I was the one who insisted of buying it, so while my Mother-In-Law and I were in the mall, after a few minutes, nahihilo na ako! KALOKA! I'm not exaggerating. Seriously, nahilo ako ng bongga habang bitbit ang anak ko sa carrier na yun! But I did not show it of course! Ako may gusto nun eh! Hahaha! So after all the strolling we did and got in the car, "hay sa wakas!" was what I felt! Haha

Thank goodness for this group on facebook, Babywearing Philippines, I found out that what I bought was not recommended. Carriers that are narrow based were not recommended. And the carrier I bought doesn't have that much support on the back. So maybe that's why nahilo ako ng bongga while using it. Sayang 500Php! All I see on the group's posts though was the Tula Carrier, and honestly, I find it too expensive for a carrier, so no. I like it yes, but it's just too damn expensive. :(

Tula Baby Carrier
Anyway, one time while we were strolling in Glorietta, I saw that there's a bazaar happening and I pulled my husband with me to check! There I saw this cloth carrier, and I believed this would be recommended (I do not hear much about SaYa on the group, or I just didn't notice). And when I saw Cheska Garcia as the endorser, well yeah, I'll buy this!Heehee I asked my husband to buy it for me as an advanced Mother's Day gift and he said yes! Yey!

Photo from their facebook page

I bought this pink and cream colored SaYa Baby Carrier! Love it! It costs 950Php, it's very affordable among others. :)

It comes with this bag! And an instructional booklet
How was it? It's great! No exaggeration. My back doesn't hurt, I can use both hands (though I don't do it because my imagination is so wild I sometimes think my little munchkin might fall, I know right, so I always hold her back hehe), presko (it doesn't feel hot when wearing it because of it's breathable fabric), cute colors (hehe, I just had to add it). It has pretty nice amount of colors to choose from. I actually wanted the one Cheska Garcia was using on the photo but I guess not available anymore. Actually I don't know, I didn't ask. Hehe ;P

At the nursing station in SM Makati

Those were taken right after we got the SaYa Baby Carrier at SM Makati's Nursing Station! I was just too excited! Hihi! Btw, I love their nursing station at SM Makati! They're clean and smells good! So far, I've gone to 3 nursing stations in malls and by far this is my most favorite, next is at Market! Market! and the last would be the nursing station at SM Aura. SM Aura's nursing station is just too plain. Well hey, at least these malls have nursing stations! I hope all malls would have nursing stations! Well, they must. :)

It is so easy to roam around because of carriers! I love it! Downside though is... our stroller! My sister-in-law gave us a stroller and even a car seat and we only used those for only a few months. :( I guess we could use the stroller when our little munchkin's quite big already. When she's too tired to walk and too heavy to carry. Hehe :)


  1. Happy babywearing sis! :) -katrinac here of GT. I followed you on your blog too. I'm a babywearing mommy too. I use tula and next9 ring sling, but my baby prefers yung ring sling. haha!

    1. Happy babywearing sis! :D Followed you too! Wow good that you're using tula! Gusto ko sya kaya lang too expensive hehe :)


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