My Little Munchkin and Munchies

Since the latter part of my little munchkin's 3rd month, we've noticed how she was with food. NO, we don't give her food yet. Just want to clarify that! :) 

Okay, again... What I meant was I think she wanted to eat already! She grabs my hand when she's sitting on my lap and I eat my food. And when she does that, she munches! She looks like she's really eating food! And her stare on food... Ugh! She looks like she really wanted to eat and we feel sorry because she can't eat yet. As what her pedia said, she's really matakaw. Hahaha! Well hello, she sucked on the rotavirus (it was an oral med) her pedia like it was milk, and her doctor told us she was the only baby that did such thing because most babies did not like it! Hahaha! Oh well. I think it's a good thing that she likes to eat! 

with her Papa in Tokyo Tokyo

Grabbing my hand while I was eating!

1 1/2 more months my little darling and you can eat solids already! Patience lang anak! Hahaha! I love you!

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