Maco's 5th Month

It was a different celebration for our little munchkin's 5th month this May...

My husband's eldest sister and her kids went on a vacation in Singapore wherein her husband stays for work. So, there were some days that we stay in their unit since we've got problems with our a/c here at home. It was a Wednesday, Joshua has work that day, and our plan was we'll wake up early so he'll go to work and I'll go home here in Makati. But it did not push through, because Joshua had headache because of the heat that day, and I was not able to wake up early. When I woke up, it was around 8:30am already, and he was cooking some pancakes even with a headache. Btw, thanks hun! :) Hope you're reading this.

So we waited for his headache to subside since he's still supposed to go to work that day's afternoon. Again, it did not happen because he's still having some major headache. I'm not really sure how he's feeling, so I just let him lay in bed, while our little munchkin and I watch TV in the living room.

At around 3 in the afternoon, his headache somehow subsided, and we're ready to go. Yes, Joshua was not able to go to work that day. We all took a bath. We got a cab. We stopped by Market! Market! to buy the ingredients for our spaghetti. We lost track of the time as it was 7:00pm already and we're still in line for the cashier. So right after we paid for the groceries, we hurriedly went out to get in line for the cab. And surprisingly, there's none. And the traffic that day! It was Wednesday, and that damn traffic! WTF. Added to our frustration was when we received a txt message from Joshua's elder sister, saying they're eating already... :( So we did not hurry anymore, we got off the line, and we ate in Sbarro to celebrate our little munchkin's 5th month. At least we had pasta! Heehee. Adding to our sadness was little munchkin's frustration to eat. Haha. She would grab my hand while I was eating, and munch, she might be thinking she's eating, too. IDK. Her Lola kept on telling us to ask her pediatrician if she's allowed to eat solids already, or even juices. We just had our checkup last Saturday, and he said no. I knew it, we just need to hear it from the pediatrician. Heehee

Anyway, it was not how we usually celebrate her 5th month, but it was all good. :)

Here are the photos I took of her the day after.

Mama & Macoalabear 5ever! 



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