Little Munchkin discovers her Feet!

Last April 28th, while I was having my Milo, I let my little munchkin watch some ABC's. I was also a bit busy with my social media accounts on my phone, so I wasn't really watching my little girl that much. Well hey, She was in her crib that time and she's well behaved watching her ABC's so no need to worry mommas! Heehee

I took a glimpse at her and there I saw her reaching for her feet! And she was able to reach it! I was surprised that she was able to do that already! I didn't know! It was my first time to see her that! Or maybe it was her first time to reach for her feet, I'm not really sure. In my surprise, I screamed a little while I was grabbing my phone to take a photo, but I guess it shocked her she cried. Heehee! So yeah, I was not able to take a photo of it so I asked her to please do it again. And yes, my baby's too good she did it again! This time I was able to record a video of it! Yey! Thank you my little munchkin!

Sooo proud of you my little girl! I love you to bits!

Also, this time she always want to sit. Of course she can't sit on her own yet, so there should be a couple of pillows surrounding her, or she would sit on my lap, whatever suits us. Hay anak, mami-miss mo ang nakahiga lagi pag tanda mo! Hahaha! 


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