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Review: SaYa Baby Carrier

I do not really know anything about SaYa or any Baby Carriers until I joined Babywearing Philippines group on facebook. Unfortunately, before I had my SaYa Baby Carrier, I already bought another carrier, it was fine with me, but after a few minutes of using it, my back aches already! But I was the one who insisted of buying it, so while my Mother-In-Law and I were in the mall, after a few minutes, nahihilo na ako! KALOKA! I'm not exaggerating. Seriously, nahilo ako ng bongga habang bitbit ang anak ko sa carrier na yun! But I did not show it of course! Ako may gusto nun eh! Hahaha! So after all the strolling we did and got in the car, "hay sa wakas!" was what I felt! Haha
Thank goodness for this group on facebook, Babywearing Philippines, I found out that what I bought was not recommended. Carriers that are narrow based were not recommended. And the carrier I bought doesn't have that much support on the back. So maybe that's why nahilo ako ng bongga while using it.…

Lazada Philippines Launches Mom Loves

Hold your horses Moms out there! Mother's Day may have gone a week ago already, but Lazada has something in store for us!

May maybe coming to a close but Lazada Philippines – the country’s one-stop shopping destination has prepared something for the moms out there happening this May 26 until June 4 via
Mom Loves is a shopping event designed for every mothers out there. Whether you are social media savvy, on-the-go, urban lifestylista, or even the stay-at-home type of mom, Mom Loves has something in-store for every mom. From exciting flash sales coming from top brands, to hot discounts and exciting games, Mom Loves is packed with all the coolest deals that every mom could get to nurture her family.
Here are some of the items on sale:

Oh hey, it starts today! Let's check on already!

Maco's 5th Month

It was a different celebration for our little munchkin's 5th month this May...
My husband's eldest sister and her kids went on a vacation in Singapore wherein her husband stays for work. So, there were some days that we stay in their unit since we've got problems with our a/c here at home. It was a Wednesday, Joshua has work that day, and our plan was we'll wake up early so he'll go to work and I'll go home here in Makati. But it did not push through, because Joshua had headache because of the heat that day, and I was not able to wake up early. When I woke up, it was around 8:30am already, and he was cooking some pancakes even with a headache. Btw, thanks hun! :) Hope you're reading this.
So we waited for his headache to subside since he's still supposed to go to work that day's afternoon. Again, it did not happen because he's still having some major headache. I'm not really sure how he's feeling, so I just let him lay in bed, while our li…

Mother's Day 2015: My First Mother's Day Celebration

As we all know, last May 10th was Mother's Day, and I've never been excited about it since this year! Well hello, I'm a mom now, so yeah of course, it was my day! I'm one of the many amazing moms out there who owned May 10th! Yaaassss. Heehee
My little awesome family went to the mall on May 9th to somehow celebrate it. I was just teasing my husband, Joshua, that we don't have plans for the special day in my life (lels) since it was my first time to celebrate it. And then, later that afternoon, he told me to take a bath already because we're going out. Picture my excitement here! Hahaha! I wasn't really expecting some cheesy something whatever from him because he's not that type. Though sometimes I wish he's like that, but not all the time, because I'm not that type either. Heehee. Well, sometimes! Hey! I'm a girl. That would be a good excuse, right? Right.
Anyway, as I was saying, the three bears, Joshua, myself, and Maco, went to the mall lat…


Since I was pregnant with my little munchkin, I've been wanting to join events that cater to moms-to-be, moms, and such. But unluckily, I haven't joined any since I lack information about such events, and sometimes I would be lazy, other times there would be gathering with the family, and most times I would be late to such events so I was not able to join. Bummer! Good thing these days though I was able to find great mommy blogs out there and was able to find events! Hoping I would be able to join any event this time! :) Esp. now that Mother's Day is fast approaching and I'm pretty sure a lot of events are coming up! 
I've been hearing about Mommy Mundo since I was not yet pregnant with my little munchkin though I didn't know much about it, so expectedly, I didn't care that much. And when I was pregnant already, I think I forgot all about it, I don't know why. But when I stumbled upon her instagram page one time just this May, I thought to myself, Mommy …

Little Munchkin discovers her Feet!

Last April 28th, while I was having my Milo, I let my little munchkin watch some ABC's. I was also a bit busy with my social media accounts on my phone, so I wasn't really watching my little girl that much. Well hey, She was in her crib that time and she's well behaved watching her ABC's so no need to worry mommas! Heehee

I took a glimpse at her and there I saw her reaching for her feet! And she was able to reach it! I was surprised that she was able to do that already! I didn't know! It was my first time to see her that! Or maybe it was her first time to reach for her feet, I'm not really sure. In my surprise, I screamed a little while I was grabbing my phone to take a photo, but I guess it shocked her she cried. Heehee! So yeah, I was not able to take a photo of it so I asked her to please do it again. And yes, my baby's too good she did it again! This time I was able to record a video of it! Yey! Thank you my little munchkin!

Sooo proud of you my little gi…

My Little Munchkin and Munchies

Since the latter part of my little munchkin's 3rd month, we've noticed how she was with food. NO, we don't give her food yet. Just want to clarify that! :) 
Okay, again... What I meant was I think she wanted to eat already! She grabs my hand when she's sitting on my lap and I eat my food. And when she does that, she munches! She looks like she's really eating food! And her stare on food... Ugh! She looks like she really wanted to eat and we feel sorry because she can't eat yet. As what her pedia said, she's really matakaw. Hahaha! Well hello, she sucked on the rotavirus (it was an oral med) her pedia like it was milk, and her doctor told us she was the only baby that did such thing because most babies did not like it! Hahaha! Oh well. I think it's a good thing that she likes to eat! 

with her Papa in Tokyo Tokyo

Grabbing my hand while I was eating!
1 1/2 more months my little darling and you can eat solids already! Patience lang anak! Hahaha! I love you!