Maco's 4th Month

Hey, hey, hey! It's April already, which means... Summer starts officially! And my little munchkin turns a month older, too! OMG! Woah! Time flies really fast!

We haven't been back to her pedia since our visit last March because the supposed date that we'll have her checked up was the same date her cousin from Laguna will celebrate her 7th birthday and also, it was her Lolo and Lola's 35th anniversary, so we went to Laguna to celebrate. Too bad Maco wasn't able to swim since the party finished around 5pm already and the time we got off from the resort was around 7 in the morning the day after. Too late and too early for my little munchkin to swim. Well her momma was able to sneak in a little time to swim while the little girl was sleeping. Hehe :)

Anyway, back to Maco being a 4th month little munchkin... She's being more madaldal these days and more arte. By being maarte, she's crying with no tears for us to carry her. Nasanay ng Lola and Titas. Hehehe! But it's actually fine with me, though I get tired at times, but it's not really that much of a hassle, I just think that this little munchkin will be little for a couple of months only, so it's fine, fine, fine. :) And this little girl, is so gala, meaning she wants to go out all the time! Lol! Well, we're not really sure if she really wants that since she can't speak for herself yet, but she smiles and giggles when someone says "mall", husband jokingly told me that maybe she mistakes "mall" as her name. Hahaha!

Right now, I'm getting creeped out by this little girl. She's staring at me, like judging me. Maybe she's thinking, "Wtf Mama, what are you doing? Seriously, you're in front of that damn laptop instead of playing with me?". Lol! Well, this little munchkin stares a lot. Though she cannot fully turn over yet, but she can turn sideways, so we're getting there. :) I'm the one who turns her over and she could hold her head up! Her neck's getting stronger and stronger! Heehee! She could hold longer than before and no more wobbly head. 

Here are the photos from her 4th month celebration...

I really wanted lumpia that time, so we had to have it hehe

Of course my little munchkin's banner

Spag, Lumpia, Cake

During her 4th month celeb

Those cheeks!!!!!

Day after her celeb. I love you both!

"Ma, I'm still sleepy, can you pls not"

"Seriously Ma?"

"Okay take photos all you want, I ain't gonna move"

Hahaha! I love you my little munchkin! Sorry for your Mama's kaartehan! Well, look at that little girl... Little girl pa nga ba? Hay she's getting bigger, or rather longer! Honestly the clothes we buy for her are for 6-9 months already! OMG. Maco, as what we've been telling you, don't grow up too fast. We are not in a hurry, okay? :)

I love you my little munchkin!
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