Sunday Throwback

This post is not about me being a mom, not about having a baby, etc. Just me reminiscing my college walwal days... Haha

So here I am browsing on my friends' facebook photos and looking at what we used to do back then. Well, we drink a lot. Lol. Man I miss drinking! I haven't drank any alcoholic drink since I got pregnant and now that I'm still breastfeeding. Anyway, can't help myself from smiling while looking at our photos back then. In my 3rd year in college was when we started drinking almost every week. I think it was every thursday when we don't have our math professor for almost a month and our class schedule with him was at night, so we drink. Haha! Our math class starts at 6pm until 9pm, so we know in college that if there's no professor for an hour already, it's okay to go home, so that's what we do, but we don't really go home. Heehee. And we also have a birthday celebrant I think every month, so there's an excuse to go home late or the day after because it is an over night party, because you can't go home drunk, right? And most parents are still in denial that their child does not drink at the age of 15,16 or 17. We do. I started drinking I think I was 15 or 16, but I just wanted to taste beer. The time that I really started drinking, meaning I had a bottle or two was when I was 17, and my reason was stupid. Anyway, I don't drink hard drinks back then, I only drink beer. I rarely drink beers now though, my co-drinkers like it hard. Lol. I miss drinking beer. Beer is nice. Hehehe

Okay, till next throwback. Haha

Me hiding behind a cup of beer. :/
That photo was in one of my friends' birthday party in college. An actual birthday party, not a made up party to reason for the parent/s. Lol


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