Review: Mustela Hair and Body Wash

In the middle of using the body wash from the hospital for our little munchkin, we stopped for quite some time and used Mustela Hair and Body Wash because Maco's getting rashes on her face. But, even when we used this one, she's still having such so I thought it was not the body wash from the hospital nor this one. I guess it was because the baby's skin is still very sensitive (Maco was still days old that time), and washing her face with soap was a no-no. So basically it was my fault. Sorry.

Mustela Hair and Body Wash smells really good, not strong. It's consistency isn't sticky nor watery. A little bit goes a long way, which is a good thing because this hair and body wash is expensive. Haha! When I use it, I don't use much because I don't want to empty it that fast. But of course, I make sure that my little munchkin's bathed properly!

After I bathed Maco, I can feel her skin really soft / smooth, like I put lotion on her. And the smell leaves all day long! I've used 3 hair and body washes to my little munchkin already and by far this is the best! And the most expensive one. I would really want to buy this but damn it is too expensive for a body wash! Good thing this was a gift from Joshua's Ate. :)

Summary of Thoughts to the Product

Smells good
Smell last all day long
Leaving the skin soft after bath
Not hard to use since it's a squeeze type of bottle
Soap-free and tear-free formula
Biodegradable formula
No Paraben, Phatalate, Phenoxyethanol

Expensive at P520
Only 200 ml

Sorry if this isn't a really good review, not really good at doing reviews. But I hope it helped you in some way! Heehee

Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored nor have I been paid for doing the review. Everything I said on this post is my honest opinion regarding the product.

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