Mariana Coraline's Christening

As much as possible I wanted to "DIY" the design for her baptismal, but since we lack budget and time, it was nearly impossible. :( I have been getting inspirations from pinterest on how to achieve a Shabby Chic themed baptismal since that was what I was aiming for. From there, my ideas have been completed in my mind! I just need to buy... Uh-oh... Buy. :/

Man was it stressful to plan. I wonder how the event planners do it, esp if it is last minute! Never thought it was that stressful! Or maybe it was just stressful because the one who I talk to does not cooperate, aka my husband, Joshua. Here are the things we fought about, well we did not really fight, we just had misunderstandings and that thing you call tampuhan. Lol! First, since December of last year, I've been asking him to finalize his list of ninongs and ninangs on his side, but no, he did not do it until the week before the baptismal. He's been telling me, "malayo pa naman eh!" Ugh. Second, I already told him that I was not in a hurry to baptize our little girl, though of course we really want to, but if we're really that tight with money, then I don't think it's a good idea. Puro utang na naman kami huhuhu. Third, we only had a chance to talk about the baptismal at night, but we rarely talk about it. Yes, there was even a time when I was consulting something to him, and he slept on me. And that one ticked me off so bad! There were so many little things we had misunderstandings about, there were even times we don't talk to each other, good thing though, our silent treatment to each other doesn't last for a day or two. Also, I can see in him that he have problems, with his work since there were so many things to do in his work that time, with money, and with me. Lol! I've been making kulit regarding Maco's baptismal, that's why. So one time during lunch I asked him "Jo, may problema ba?" and then he  told me "Kung meron, may magagawa ba?". It was something like that. I stood up and left while we were eating, I felt like I was not his partner, nor his wife that time. He asked me why, I did not answer. He's been asking me why and then when I was about to tell him, I cried. Lol that was my weakness, when I'm so pissed, I cry. He told me that what I was thinking was not what he was trying to say, instead he did not want to show that he's having problems since he's the man in the family and that he wanted to be strong for us. I told him that's why I'm here, we can face any problem together. Anyway, enough with the drama...

As what I told earlier, I wanted to have a Shabby Chic themed baptismal party. I already had ideas, I even wanted to have a dessert buffet for her. Told myself it was easy, since I can just buy candies in the grocery and just present them nicely. Also, my niece/cousin have a business wherein they cater party supplies such as balloon set-up, dessert buffet, etc. You could check them at Let's Go Ph. They told me that I just had to buy the things to use, well we already know problem, so it did not happen. :(

Here are what we had for our little munchkin's baptismal...

Invitations. I did it myself! Proud mother here! Haha! From layout to the design. :)



Too bad we weren't able to give it to all that we intended to give it to because we lack time already, thank you Mark Zuckerberg for facebook! Hehe

Giveaways. We were supposed to have cupcakes for giveaways, since Joshua's Ate bakes cupcakes, but again, it did not happen because we lack time already. So, we thought of something else for the giveaways...

we'll fill this vial with marshmallows or nips and put a ribbon somewhere there

and then we'll put this sticker on the vials
But, it did not happen... instead, this happened...
Maco's giveaway :)
Joshua's mom went to Divisoria just to buy giveaways for Maco's baptismal. :")

Since everything was last minute. Ugh. What I hate the most -doing things last minute. Okay. I asked my cousins and ninang that their gift for Maco's baptism is photobooth, but I thought they weren't serious about it, so I did not try to find any. It was the day before the baptismal that they asked me if I had a photobooth already and that they confirmed that it would be their gift to us, so... naghagilap ang lola mo ng photobooth!!! Good thing I was able to find at sulit and they're really affordable. I found Primelight Photobooth. They're so easy to talk to. At around 12midnight they showed me how the design of the print would look like, and honestly I did not like it at first, so there were lots of revisions. Heehee buti na lang hindi sila nainis hehehe!

Family photo!! :)
Primelight Photobooth is really affordable compared to the other photobooths I saw on sulit. They were just P2,500 plus a transportation fee of P400, a total of P2,900. Not bad! Plus they have a roaming photographer on the site! Good deal! 

And our caterer was Mekenis Catering, their food were really delicious! Plus, they're just near our place, so no hassle! And they're really affordable compare to other catering services I searched online. The P260/head already includes tables/chairs, balloon set-up, etc. You should check their website out, and their facebook for more details! We ordered for 50 people and I think the food they brought was for more than 50! I think it was almost 70 since some guests were going back and forth to the buffet area. On our Church wedding I'm thinking of getting them as our caterer as well! Because their food were really delicious, and their waiters were really nice. :) Two thumbs up for Mekenis Catering!

Though everything was almost last minute, it was still great. The baptismal of Maco was the real reason for the celebration after all. :)

Aaaand photo dump!!!

Welcome to Christian World, Mariana Coraline!

with her ninongs and ninangs

If you think what I did with her invitation was nice, you could email me at I could design your invitations, etc. Just email me  for more info :)

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  1. Exciting no? I'm also planning for my son's christening on June and I'm having fun planning it with my loveydoves. hehe

  2. Mommy can you share where the reception was held?
    I'm interested too with your invites! :)

    1. Hi mommy Katrina! The reception was just here at home. :) yey glad you like the invites! You could email me regarding the invitations :)

  3. i just finished reading all your posts, and i couldn't help but comment again on this entry, sis. I just feel sad, because my husband and I have problems right now, which we really couldn't resolve due to silent treatment. Its killing me :S

  4. i just finished reading all your posts, and i couldn't help but comment again on this entry, sis. I just feel sad, because my husband and I have problems right now, which we really couldn't resolve due to silent treatment. Its killing me :S

    1. Hi Sis! Wow thanks for reading my posts :) anyway, if you have problems, the best way to resolve it is to talk with each other. But since nag-ssilent treatment kayo ni husband, I guess hayaan muna, though I think it's best na kausapin mo na si husband para hindi na tumagal pa. Minsan kasi habang tumatagal mas lalong lumalala. Mag-usap lang kayo ng mahinahon and sabihin nyo lang sa isat isa kung bat kayo nainis or what. Kami kasi ng husband ko pag nag-aaway, una galit kaming dalawa tapos pag nainis na sya, sya mag walk out, and kapag nahimasmasan na sya, babalik yan though hindi parin ako kausapin haha so ako na una kakausap, tapos yun mag usap na kami kung bakit ba ko nainis or tanungin ko sya ganun. Hehe! Hope this helps, sis! :)


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