Maco's 3rd Month

As always,  we celebrated our little munchkin's 3rd month last March 13th. And again,  it was Friday the 13th. Not that I'm afraid of that or something.  Lol! This March though,  I remember another event in my life which happened more than a decade ago,  and I can still remember everything. I'll talk about it here,  because this post is for my little munchkin's 3rd month celebration!

Again, his Lolo bought some pizza and mojos for our little munchkin's 3rd month celebration, and her Papa bought cake from Red Ribbon. I must say though, I don't like Red Ribbon's roll cakes. They're airy, puro hangin ang tinapay. But I like their chocolate rolls, I don't know what happened to the "bread" (Idk what you call it) of the non-chocolate rolls of Red Ribbon. :/

The month is almost ending and I guess it's time to post my little munchkin's 3rd month! Oh my... I can't believe how time flies! Feels like I just gave birth a week ago! Haha, but seriously though... it is too fast! Are you in a hurry my little munchkin? Mama's not! I don't mind carrying you all the time! It's fine with me, I just get too tired at times and my back's not cooperating, but it's fine! Oh no, baka kinabukasan dalagita ka na! HINDI KO KAYA!!! Hahaha! OA! 

The long wait is just from birth to first month, but after that, everything is too fast! Huhuhu! My little munchkin will soon eat. And soon you, my little munchkin, will ask Mama and Papa to buy you ice cream already! No to junk foods I tell you, once in a while is fine, but not too much. Mama will watch all the food you eat. You must live healthy, eat greens. Hehe

Okay, back to the 3rd month celebration, I have said too much, the intro's too long. Hahaha!

Here are the photos:

Oops sorry I only edited 2nd and made it 3rd. #lastminuteproblems

Pizza, mojos, spaghetti, cake

Actually, these were shot a few days after

Hi there

Happy little munchkin

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