Maco's 2nd Month

Maco turned two months old last February 13th, and I'm blogging about it just now. Yup. Lol! She's turning three months already, I know! Well there's a legit excuse about that... I was busy planning about her baptismal and all. I never thought it was that stressful. Seriously. Our major problem that time was budget, we almost cancelled her baptismal because of it. But, thank God we were able to put it together. :) Though it's fine with me to wait a little more longer for her baptismal, in time wherein we're really ready, budget-wise. Her father is persistent though, he really wanted to have her baptized already, so okay, go! Anywaaaay, we'll have another post regarding her baptismal, we'll talk about her 2nd month here.

For the first time, I can't remember clearly but I believe Maco was awake for her 2nd month celebration! Her Lolo bought some pizza and mojos from Shakey's, her father bought some cake, and we cooked some spaghetti. Idk why but I always like to have cake for her monthly celebrations or any celebrations there is, even though it really is not a must, because it doesn't feel like a celebration without a cake, or am I the only one? Haha! 

What I did the night before. Just the '2nd month', though

What we had! Pizza, mojos, spaghetti! Cake not in picture

Aaaand I want to share the shoot I had with my little munchkin a few days ago. Yup. Just a few days ago... Well hey! She's still two months!!! andacoupleofdays... Heehee 

Ma, what are you doing?!

Mama and Papa loves you very much our little munchkin!

And then this happened...

Mama got a little too excited for her photoshoot with Joshua's cousin, Kuya Al
inunahan ko na hahaha

Will post the photos his cousin did later! :)

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