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Make History with The Medical City

Last Wednesday, March 25th, I received a txt message from my OB's assistant telling me to register my baby to join the Largest Reunion of People Born at the same Hospital, and gave me the link for further info. I didn't have load that time so I wasn't able to ask questions, so I searched it online with the link she has given. Btw, it's
If you were born in The Medical City you may register yourself if you want to join, just click this and pre-register yourself, or go to The Medical City in Pasig and bring a  photocopy of your birth certificate, or just bring a photocopy of your birth certificate to the event ground. The said event is on April 12th, 2015, 1:00PM, Market! Market! Mckinley Parkway, Taguig.

There are also other events such as Largest Sidecar Parade, Largest Simultaneous Motorcycle Burnout, Fastest Time to Eat 12" Pizza (which I'm encouraging my husband to join hehe), Most People Using Mouthwash (this, too! hahahaha). Again,…

March 13th, more than a decade back

Here is a more personal post about myself. I know there's not much who reads my blog, but please be my guest. Lol! It's okay if you don't read this post, too. This is a bit long. Haha
I woke up at 5 in the morning, took a shower and get dressed. I was on the rode along with my Tita Miko (a family friend) at 7 in the morning, on our way to my Papa. It was my first time to step foot in Manila. I was from Antipolo, and there are only two places I go, Antipolo and Quezon City, where some of my relatives live. It was also my first time to take a long ride in a jeepney, usually when I take the jeepney it was only a 5-15minute ride, but that time it was more than 30minutes, I think. It was also my first time to breathe that much pollution, to see a lot of people crossing the streets, and to see the LRT. I was amazed by Manila.
We got to Manila Med, we went to the 7th floor, the room, I already forgot. There were two hospital beds, one unoccupied, the other occupied by my Papa. He w…

Maco's 3rd Month

As always,  we celebrated our little munchkin's 3rd month last March 13th. And again,  it was Friday the 13th. Not that I'm afraid of that or something.  Lol! This March though,  I remember another event in my life which happened more than a decade ago,  and I can still remember everything. I'll talk about it here,  because this post is for my little munchkin's 3rd month celebration!
Again, his Lolo bought some pizza and mojos for our little munchkin's 3rd month celebration, and her Papa bought cake from Red Ribbon. I must say though, I don't like Red Ribbon's roll cakes. They're airy, puro hangin ang tinapay. But I like their chocolate rolls, I don't know what happened to the "bread" (Idk what you call it) of the non-chocolate rolls of Red Ribbon. :/
The month is almost ending and I guess it's time to post my little munchkin's 3rd month! Oh my... I can't believe how time flies! Feels like I just gave birth a week ago! Haha, but …

Review: Mustela Hair and Body Wash

In the middle of using the body wash from the hospital for our little munchkin, we stopped for quite some time and used Mustela Hair and Body Wash because Maco's getting rashes on her face. But, even when we used this one, she's still having such so I thought it was not the body wash from the hospital nor this one. I guess it was because the baby's skin is still very sensitive (Maco was still days old that time), and washing her face with soap was a no-no. So basically it was my fault. Sorry.

Mustela Hair and Body Wash smells really good, not strong. It's consistency isn't sticky nor watery. A little bit goes a long way, which is a good thing because this hair and body wash is expensive. Haha! When I use it, I don't use much because I don't want to empty it that fast. But of course, I make sure that my little munchkin's bathed properly!

After I bathed Maco, I can feel her skin really soft / smooth, like I put lotion on her. And the smell leaves all day lo…



Apparently yesterday I deleted all the comments here on my blog. :( Since I can't reply to the comments because there's no reply button, I had to search on the net on how to bring the reply button back, but it erased all the comments. :(  Minsan na nga lang may mag-comment, nabura pa! Anyway, it's been done already so whatever. I just thought that I had to let it out here. Heehee

Mariana Coraline's Christening

As much as possible I wanted to "DIY" the design for her baptismal, but since we lack budget and time, it was nearly impossible. :( I have been getting inspirations from pinterest on how to achieve a Shabby Chic themed baptismal since that was what I was aiming for. From there, my ideas have been completed in my mind! I just need to buy... Uh-oh... Buy. :/

Man was it stressful to plan. I wonder how the event planners do it, esp if it is last minute! Never thought it was that stressful! Or maybe it was just stressful because the one who I talk to does not cooperate, aka my husband, Joshua. Here are the things we fought about, well we did not really fight, we just had misunderstandings and that thing you call tampuhan. Lol! First, since December of last year, I've been asking him to finalize his list of ninongs and ninangs on his side, but no, he did not do it until the week before the baptismal. He's been telling me, "malayo pa naman eh!" Ugh. Second, I alrea…

Maco's 2nd Month

Maco turned two months old last February 13th, and I'm blogging about it just now. Yup. Lol! She's turning three months already, I know! Well there's a legit excuse about that... I was busy planning about her baptismal and all. I never thought it was that stressful. Seriously. Our major problem that time was budget, we almost cancelled her baptismal because of it. But, thank God we were able to put it together. :) Though it's fine with me to wait a little more longer for her baptismal, in time wherein we're really ready, budget-wise. Her father is persistent though, he really wanted to have her baptized already, so okay, go! Anywaaaay, we'll have another post regarding her baptismal, we'll talk about her 2nd month here.

For the first time, I can't remember clearly but I believe Maco was awake for her 2nd month celebration! Her Lolo bought some pizza and mojos from Shakey's, her father bought some cake, and we cooked some spaghetti. Idk why but I alwa…

Sunday Throwback

This post is not about me being a mom, not about having a baby, etc. Just me reminiscing my college walwal days... Haha

So here I am browsing on my friends' facebook photos and looking at what we used to do back then. Well, we drink a lot. Lol. Man I miss drinking! I haven't drank any alcoholic drink since I got pregnant and now that I'm still breastfeeding. Anyway, can't help myself from smiling while looking at our photos back then. In my 3rd year in college was when we started drinking almost every week. I think it was every thursday when we don't have our math professor for almost a month and our class schedule with him was at night, so we drink. Haha! Our math class starts at 6pm until 9pm, so we know in college that if there's no professor for an hour already, it's okay to go home, so that's what we do, but we don't really go home. Heehee. And we also have a birthday celebrant I think every month, so there's an excuse to go home late or the…